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Multi-Rotor Challenge coming March 23 & 24, 2013 Saw this on another forum and definitely an event I'll be attending. 2013 MULTI-ROTOR CHALLENGE! Multirotor aircraft are storming the market! This emerging category constitutes the fastest growing segment in RC aviation and we are proud to bring...
A new event happening in San Antonio, TX presented by RCHQ (Radio Controlled Head Quarters) http://rchqonline.com/ and Fourtitude R/C www.fourtituderc.com called the Super Fly.

We have already had one of these events this summer, and it was so much fun it's time for another. Hence the...
This is event coverage of the Lodi, CA Huckfest, provided by 3DRCForums.com!
check in here to view pics, videos, and articles from the Austin Radio Control Association's "Hucktoberfest" coverage provided by 3DRCForums.com
Anyone from here going? I'm planning just for a day trip on Friday.
On Sept. 15th the Greater Pittsburgh ARCS will be hosting a fly in. All types of flying will be welcome including gas, glow, electric, turbines, heli's, 3D (foamies and giant), and anything else that you can think of that flies. We are located in Burgettstown, PA in the Hillman State Park game lands. Our field on...
Kind of late to advertise, but the S'port Huckfest kicked off today. If you are able to make it this weekend, we'd love to have you. We have an awesome weekend of 3D MADNESS planned out and giving away some good stuff for pilot prizes as well as one bad ass raffle. Prizes include a Realflight6 Simulator, an...
2012 Bud Caddell Classic R/C Fly-In & Swap Meet - Oct. 6, 2012 in Ashville, AL

Join our club, the Slasham Valley Irregulars, at our field located on the beautiful 110 acre Caddell estate for a day filled with fun, R/C flying, swapping, and selling.

Event Details:
- AMA membership required to...
Please join us for the 2nd annual E-week all electric fly-in at the Triple Tree Aerodrome the week of September 27th-30th. We will be setup on the 3D Flightline from Wednesday through Sunday and will bring a trailer full of product to sell. We had a blast last year and this year's event promises to be even...

Hodges Hobbies All Electric Fly-In V7

October 11-13 2012

Are you ready? The best fall electric fly-in in the Southeast is back!
Bigger, better, and more fun than ever!

It is still early but I think it is time to start this thread. There is already a lot of interest and this year...