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Hello from Dunn NC. Just started flying giant scale about a month ago. Sure would like to have the Extra 300.
Just bought a flying wing for FPV flying anyone else here into it? http://www.getfpv.com/planes/fpv-planes/tbs-caipirinha-fpv-flying-wing.html
Hey guys! Name is Steve. Been flying for about 25 years here in Oklahoma City. Currently flying a 50cc Pitts Python and a custom built 'cabin hooker' with a Saito 150, built by a gentleman named Craig Trowe here locally. Looking forward to being on GSN!
Once you get to a certain level of scale modeling, you’ll start making parts that need to be produced in multiples and may not be commercially available. This is most easily dealt with by making a single “master” part and then reproducing it with a mold and resin-casting liquid. Resin-casting is considered an...
From Esprit Tech: New Backpack XS2 is the stylish choice for a lightweight setup. For low wind conditions or indoor flying with a larger wing, combine the Backpack XS2 with a Power 1.1 wing or Hybrid 1.8 wing and a smaller power setup. For hardcore thrills, combine it...
Win a Hanger 9 Extra 300X All you have to do is make a post in this thread and that enters you to a chance to win! More of a presence you have on the site the better your chance to get recognized. US members only! Whether you're an experienced sport pilot looking for the ultimate...
This article was originally published in Fly RC’s May 2016 issue. Love them or hate them, drones are everywhere these days and while they may have...
The Apache Pass team is excited about this years Icehouse event Sept 29- Oct 2. We hope to see you there taking advantage of one of our many flight lines. Plus there will be interaction with many of our corporate partners to see their products in action.