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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.


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I'm close to organizing a bunch that I bought. Happy to send a few extras once I get them laid out. Are you a member of the Hobby Machinest forum like Tony and I? There are members there that have end mills for sale regularly.
Thanks David! That would be great!!
I am a member of The Hobby Machinist. I've been dropping in there more and more lately. Still figuring out the layout, but its got a lot of great info!
My kid is rebuilding his snow machine engine so I built him a squish adapter for his dial indicator for properly shimming the cylinders.


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To measure the narrow squish band around the head?
You set the cylinder head on a surface plate with the dial indicator installed and set it to zero. Then install the head onto the engine and bring the piston up to TDC and you have the gap. Shim the head to proper gap and your done.


I was wondering how you would use the dial indicator, I see now. I've used to old fashion method, smashing solder with the piston and measuring the resulting thickness.