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Scale 112” - Taylorcraft by HeyLuc & Snoopy.


640cc Uber Pimp
This plane is being designed and built by ”HeyLuc” and Snoopy1. just to introduce HeyLuc he has been in the hobby for many years And is a scratch builder for many years, you will get to know him during the build. I have heyluc to thank for talking me into the build.
We are quite the ways into the design. We hope to have everything figured out and parts purchased by the fall, and start building around November December depending on the weather and how good our fall weather is because we both love flying.


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Hi All

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luc or HeyLuc, and I have been subscribed to this forum since 2017 but never posted anything :sorry:. As Snoopy1 wrote I am in the hobby for many years, mostly building scale models (or at least try to). Amongst my planes are Hawker Sea Fury's converted to the Hawker Fury (only 2 build with a Napier engine instead of the Bristol Hercules), LA7, Spitfire, Mustang, Stearman, DO335, ..... I also designed some models for RBCKits in the Netherlands with the Voight Corsair as the most recent.

We recently moved to Ontario where I met with Snoopy1. We hit the ground running and before we knew we were designing a 112" Taylorcraft. The design is almost ready and we already started gathering the bits and pieces required for the build to be ready by next winter.

My plane will have a Valach 120B2 upfront while Snoopy1 will install a 120cc DA.

Below the design and the parts ready for CNC cutting.

Best, Luc





@heyluc Looks nice. Might I ask what design software you are using? Also just my opinion. Fuse and tail look great but to me the wing has way to many ribs in it. For reference I attached a picture of a design I have just finished up. Similar in size at 110" span. There are 10 ribs in each wing panel plus 2 half ribs in each that support the servo mounts.


640cc Uber Pimp
Just to give you guys an understanding on what we had in mind. First of all it is NOT a 3D plane. But it will be a very capable aerobatic plane with more that adequate power. also being built with the mindset that this plane is going to flown a lot, this not going to be a hanger queen. I hope to fly it at least 3 to 4 times a week weather permitting for many years. So it is being built with that in mind That does not mean heavy but with the right amount of strength were required ie landing gear etc. at this stage of the game I believe that both planes will be painted.