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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.


Here is a good explanation and drawing of the squish band on a two stroke engine. On most model airplane two stroke engines, the cylinder and head are integral so to measure the squish band a piece of solder is inserted in the plug hole and the engine is turned over smashing the solder down to the thickness of the squish band, this measured and different thickness gaskets are used to adjust the height of the cylinder to get the correct squish. I seem to remember setting the squish to .010-.020" on engines that I was reworking for a friend, it was a long time ago. After the squish was set the intake and exhaust timing was checked and adjusted. The degree wheel that I use still has the timing marks faintly on it. He had bought about 50 Horner twins, 62 CC if I remember correctly, the engines came without ignitions or mufflers, and low power. I helped him blueprint the engines to improve the power but it was still lacking. He ended up installing Homelite string trimmer and chain saw cylinders and pistons on the the Horner crankcases. As far as I known he sold most as 80 CC and 100 CC engines. This was way back 30+ years ago. I worked with him in his booth at Toledo, I remember his cell phone was in big bag. What we have today is simply amazing compared to those days, I think the prop of the them were Zinger's, today we mix paint with them! Sorry for the long rely and journey down memory lane.



640cc Uber Pimp
Man you guys are talking about stuff that brings back some old memories. I remember when school the proff would not let us use the lead method. We would have put a shim in the head take a measurement and put in another shim known difference and from there we prove our calculations on what squish band was, he was real pain but we did learn a lot from him.


640cc Uber Pimp
No, No, No, you're looking at this the wrong way, look how much you saved!!!!
By the way thanks for letting us know about the good deal, I have been looking for one a long time but never bought it because of the price. Thanks