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by dominicm : Today at 2:45 PM
Durafly's new performance Racing FPV wing is out. Arrives with very little to do to get it in the air. FPV gear is optional. Features carbon throughout to add rigidity and has 2 tip lights and a rear nav light. Gave it a spin and flew it line of sight for the maiden flight on a 4S2700 pack. It tears around at full...
Lanier Sukhoi HD.jpg
by capthis : Today at 12:34 PM
A few years ago I found a NIB Lanier Sukhoi Kit and built it in the orange Ultracote with the HD scheme. I flew it some the first year and then it hung in my garage. I got it back down this past summer and flew it two different times, and it has hung back up. I am going to be moving soon, and I have way too many...
by dominicm : Yesterday at 2:02 PM
A variation on the timeless classic that is the 'Slow Poke'. From Durafly...this new version of this retro flier takes minutes to assemble from the small number of components in the box. For relaxed easy SLOW flying it's fantastic. Super slow fly-bys, tight turns and easy inverted flight all make it really...
by dominicm : Saturday at 9:17 AM
Version 2 of the H-King Bonsai wing. Minor tweaks for FPV. Great little EPP wing that's almost indestructible as we found out when I gave my buddy Al the responsibility of the first flight. Never again !
by AKNick : Friday at 10:47 PM
Just ran across this! Finally some good news for Futaba customers! https://futabausa.com/ Dear Valued Customers, For many years Futaba Corporation’s Hobby Radio Control equipment repairs and customer service was part of an exclusive distribution agreement between Hobbico, Inc. and Futaba...
by acerc : Thursday at 1:46 PM
I have been told that when one receives anything related to a build, the build has started. I just received the engine for the BullDog II, a Valach 140cc twin, so I guess the build has started. But it will be slow especially considering the short kit has not even been cut yet. But the kit should be cut any day as...
For Sale DA 170 setup
by Flyoften54 : Wednesday at 11:25 PM
Well it is time to sell my DA 170 setup in order to make way for a 4 cylinder motor on my latest build, my Dalton extra 300. Here is what I have for sale. Thanks for checking it out. DA 170: $1000 -Fresh from DA. Engine has been overhauled. New cylinders, pistons and bearings, and new prop hub. It will need to be...
by ServoCity : Wednesday at 3:43 PM
In our latest Secret Life of a Servo series Jason dives into the world of understanding the measurement of servo torque! https://www.servocity.com/servos
by RCPal : Wednesday at 3:32 PM
Hi Fellows I am quite new to GSN. I have found it to be a great place for info on everything. so now I'm looking for a bit of input. I recently acquired a Bridi Dalotel 84". I don't as yet have it in my little hands to look at it, but am researching a suitable engine. The airplane calls for a .91cu. in. or 15cc. I...