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Scale 1/3 Scale Piper Tri Pacer Build - WE Technical Service Plans


The design is old, from 1989. I suspect several were built from the plans. The fellow I bought the plans and short kit bought the rights for Bill Effinger's designs. There's quite a few different designs at the WE Technical web site. The short kit was laser cut. When you build from plans you expect you will need to make things work. You expect a laser cut kit to fit together but that's not always the case when the kit comes from drawn plans. I had the same problem with the Cherokee short kit.
I bought the cowl at a swap meet with a Wendell Hostetler Cessna 150 short kit for $60, the cowl was made by Fiberglass Masters who are long since gone. I know I seen their booth at the Toledo show when it was at the old Sports Arena, I don't remember them at the Convention Center so it has to be 30 plus years old, I'm bringing it back from dead!


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I do know one thing W.H. Drawings are by no means accurate they are basically a hand sketch. Built one of there plans from there drawings, better said I tried but never finished it to much frustration. It’s a good out line .


Fitting 1/8"music wire from former 3 at the side up to the wing rib and back down former 4. These will be encapsulated with epoxy and milled fibers. Wish I had done this on the Champ, had to go back and fit the wires after the post cracked.



Have the right side wire installed, both still need encapsulated.

Cut out a new set of wing ribs using the SCS method while waiting for the epoxy to cure on the wires. These were cut from dense 1/8" balsa that wasn't very useful. I need to study the full scale drawing and locate the front and rear spars.



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I have the 1/5 scale short kit currently under construction (building it as a PA20 Pacer). The laser cuts were generally not perpendicular, some wing ribs were longer than others, many of the cut outs in the ribs and fuselage formers were not the same size from one to the other or in the correct location. All in all though it is coming together.


Weather got me stuck painting so I decided to throw some mud at the cowl. 1/8" balsa sheet was epoxied and glassed on the back edge of the cowl to act as a dam and guide. This was sanded to the correct contour with a long sanding bar. The mud is quite thick and will take several applications. The high spots were knocked off with a Stanley Sureform grater while the mud was green.