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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.


The rotary table arrived yesterday, it is a deal for $39, I might be disappointed if I paid full retail of $209 however. All in all I'm quite happy with it, heck it is only 4"! I plan to make a ring that will bolt to the table with four jack screws that will act as a four jaw chuck.


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I got tired of switching the nut from collet to to collet so I bought enough nuts to leave the nuts on. Just ordered nuts for the ER16 collet set, I use the ER16 in the mill and can't wait for the nuts to arrive. If you are tapping a hole it takes three collet changes to get the job done, a 1/4" for the end drill, there the drill size and finally one to strat the tap.


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A discussion on the hobby machining website was talking about large blue Sharpies for metal layout. I grabbed these for about a dollar each. Happy to mail one or 2 out to any of my machining brothers on this site. This is a lifetime supply and then some.......