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Need some help

Discussion in 'IMAC>>>Aircraft, Techniques, Equipment, etc.' started by thurmma, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Flatspinjim

    Flatspinjim 50cc

    You fly 2 sequences each round. 32 ounces should be plenty for 2 sequences, just use plenty of throttle control.About the only time you need full throttle is on uplines. It's easy to try and rush through the maneuvers but you'll find that if you slow everything down it will be much easier. Don't concentrate on each maneuver, concentrate on each line.

    Oops, just remembered you'r not flying a 100 cc plane. You might need a bigger tank. Sorry

  2. I really was thinking each line :) To early in the morning to be thinking though :)

    On the sequences, are they back to back as in finish one and go straight into the second one or do you land and wait for your turn to fly the second sequence? It sounds like they are back to back by your gas tank comment :) The 50oz will be going in shortly.

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    Your welcome and glad it helped, and yes.. you run the routine twice , the only round you fly a single is when the rest of the classss are doing their " unknown" round. Sometimes you'll have to loiter in the air a bit while waiting for your turn to fly in the box so a reserve of a minute or two is handy to have, a figi water bottle will get you 50oz of fuel with little weight penalty. Try to keep it as close to the spar or cg as you can so the cg change is minimal during flight from full to near empty tank.

    Keep at it !
  4. Robotech

    Robotech 70cc twin V2


    Typically, you will fly two sequences per round. At last years IMAC SC/NC regional fly-off we flew 9 single sequence rounds which allowed contestants to fly in front of a greater variety of judges but that was the only time I encountered that.

    Sherman will be two sequence rounds. I highly recommend you make that contest. Guaranteed you will have a blast and will be bitten hard by the IMAC "bug".

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    IMAC tip and maybe most important... at an event, scribe for judges every chance you can. NOTHING will help you understand more of what the judges are looking for and what a sequence should look like, its the best seat in the house and a great way to meet your new friends. shows that your truly interested and want to be involved. All you do, if you dont know already, is write down the number they tell you, easy.

    Pm me of you want to swap phone numbers , always willing to help another get into this obsession... I mean, sport. Brian

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    Back to back, fly first.. call out of the box, loudly enough for judges to hear and know your done with that sequence, fly back down field, calm your heart and nerves on the way lol, set up for second sequence... wings level. And call " in the box" again for second sequence to begin judging, and dont forget to breathe. .. I find myself constantly holding my breath for some reason.

  7. Thank you for the info on scribing :) I think the bug is already setting in. I find myself flying the sequences more often when I am out than just burning holes in the sky. I like the challenge of getting it right and figuring out what I am doing wrong. Hope to be ready for the Sherman event, but have to work in there some time to pay for the toys. I realized how short the days are already getting last night :( We have a pretty active field, so getting the air space to myself to run lines means I am flying when the others aren't which is usually as the sun is setting or the heat of the day, which isn't a bad thing. Just wish I would have tried this out earlier in the summer when we had cooler weather. Oh well, grin and fly!

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    Get to an event if you can, even if you and the plane arent ready for it.. leave the plane at home and just watch,talk, enjoy, get a look at others IMAC machines, scribe and get the flow of how a contest goes. My first event I went just to "call " for a friend and help set up and start the plane, ended up scribing and calling for others, hooked, flat hooked on the whole thing.

    Dunno if anyone has told you about counting out your figures as in, sharkstooth. from Wings level .. pull to upline, at 90° count, one one thousand, two one thousand ( I fly large so count to 3 or 4), pull to 45° downline, at 45° count.. one one thousand, half roll ,count one one thousand, pull to level.keeps figures even and flowing, I even count looping elements to keep the speed and symmetry together.

    I hear you on the need to fund this hobby, it aint exactly cheap. But... ive spent much more money on less fun and fulfilling things on my life than this for sure.
  9. It has been hotter than haties here so I have been working on fine tuning the trim on the plane. Found that one of the elevators was not throwing the same as the other :( I have that straightened out now :) Will be testing that out in the next day or two to see if that helped the fading away issue, which I am pretty sure it will because it was the outboard elevator that was higher than the inboard, therefore causing an ever so slight roll to the left on the upwind leg, which is the leg that I noticed it going away from me on the most. Will keep everyone informed of the progress, that is if you want to be bored with it.

    On another note, I will be replacing my JR matchboxes with Booma RC's automatching match boxes hopefully this Friday. I have the matchboxes setup as freakin close as I can get them, but there is still small amounts of binding going on at different points in the throw of the ailerons.

    Here is a link to the Youtube demo video of how these things work: http://youtu.be/BSHXOkkLHQE

    Just amazing that it took this long for someone to figure this out, but I am glad they did :)

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    That's exactly the stuff I wanna be " bored" with. I find it interesting and encouraging to watch or more like hear someone figure our and dial in their planes. Keep it coming. Hows the trimming coming? Cg is on and lateral balance is good? Make sure you do em in order and youll be amazed.

    I use JR matchbox also and have never encountered an issue with them.. yet. One day ill take the hit and buy a radio/reciever to eliminate them but thats a ways off.

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