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Need some help

Discussion in 'IMAC>>>Aircraft, Techniques, Equipment, etc.' started by thurmma, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. I am just trying the IMAC routines and have some questions. I have been flying for a while, but decided I needed a challenge instead of just burning holes in the sky, which is fun too :)

    I am flying a Pilot-RC 42% Edge 540 with a 3W 150TOC on cans swinging a 32x10 Mej prop. The plane flies hands off flat and level at 1/2 through full throttle. The problem I am having and I am sure it is probably just my lack of experience in precision flying, is I make my trim pass, make my turn around and am headed back online, do my roll which goes good, maintaining correct attitude and line. Proceed to the sharks tooth, no problems. As I am going through the humpty bump I start to notice the plane is moving further away from me. The loop goes as it should. Appears to be wings level throughout the maneuver. By the time I am at the top of the hammer head I notice that the plane is quite a ways further away from me, going out from my position, but still in the box from end to end, far enough away that I am not comfortable performing the maneuver.

    My question is, what do I do to stay on the line and not drift to far away? I realize this is a noob question for most of you, but I came to ask for advice so I can continue.

    BTW, there was little to no wind, actually a perfect night for giving it a shot for the first time :)
  2. One more question, how do you get the Edge to stall? Full up elevator just sets it wings level and the nose pushes forward, not a full out stall.
  3. Rudder for wind comp one thing next is how hard it is to get the plane when learning to stay level in all attitudes started this spring and figured out quickly 3d is way easier my answer to guy helping me was "I have never flew straight and level before" and that was my problem. I fly 42 pilot edge a lot have to kick it into stall it will
  4. I am with you on the "Never flown straight and level before"

    I am not a 3D type person but like to play with it from time to time :)
  5. guys make it look easy but looks are deceiving for sure

  6. Flatspinjim

    Flatspinjim 50cc

    Glad to see you flying IMAC, you'll have a great time and improve your flying at the same time.

    How is your plane on a upline? Does it track straight? Does it track straight up when you make the pull from level flight to vertical? If your plane tracks straight on a vertical upline it could be that your outside wing is low when you make the pull to vertical.

    The biggest thing in IMAC is a well trimmed plane and wings level at all times. Tougher to do than it sounds.

  7. I will double check the upline tracking, thank you. It is a LOT tougher than it sounds, but I love a good challenge :)
  8. Search for the trim chart by Peter Goldsmith to get your plane set up right. Have to agree, you are probably not wings level when you pull the corner. That is probably the trickiest part because what looks like wings level changes with the altitude the plane is at. As far as the stall. It's like a woman, some of 'em gotta fake it. More throw on the elevator and lower idle helps too. Lots of times, though, you have to bump down elevator to make it "look" like it breaks.

  9. Thank you. Will do!

    IMAC FANATIC 40% happier than most folks.

    Get the IMAC trim app. For your phone or ipad, and do the whole thing start to finish, much like the goldberg chart but more tech savy. Rudder rudder rudder is the other answer, rudder everywhere, it.. the plane should almost look like its nosing towards you to keep it on that line. And its the hardest thing to do .. straight and level flight. Stay with it, very satisfying when you get a solid routine in.

    I hear you on the " bump" but a learned judge will nail you on it and zero you. Better to make it as pretty as you can instead of faking it . And force yourself to hammer towards you if your having trouble keeping it on track.

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