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Extreme Flight 88" Edge -- now with EXP sized horizontal stabs


GSN Contributor
How about a wood Vess 24B? I'm also looking for speed for pop tops and crankshafts.

24B might be at the top end of the GP61's limit... you'll likely loose some RPM with it. If you want speed, follow Jacob's advice and get the 23B. He's a speed freak.... however so am I, and I like the 24x10.
Just finished and it weights 18.5lbs without fuel. Thats heavier than I thought it would be with: GP61, Pitts, DB spinner, pants, pilot, two 2100 life batts, Ibef...... Thoughts? uploadfromtaptalk1405632750525.jpg
I doubled checked it on a friends postal scale and it is 18.5lbs. Oh well I guess I won't fill the batteries and fuel tank up all the way to save weight.


640cc Uber Pimp
I think everyone is out watching the new Disney planes movie. :-D. Congrats on the maiden man! Were your hands shaking? Mine always do in maidens and no matter how many I've done I still get nervous.