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Extreme Flight 88" Edge -- now with EXP sized horizontal stabs

For some reason I can't find any pics of the tuned pipe installation on my Edge. (I sold the airplane right before getting the 91" Extra.)

Here is a pic of the pipe mounting system that I used on the 91" Extra. The pipe mounts exactly the same in both airplanes, but I used a standard laser-cut mount in the Edge instead of the KS comfort mount. It's a simple installation, but I would recommend running a solid header over a flex header.
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Sweet, looks pretty simple. I can't wait to have a pipe on the 61. Gonna be INSANE.


Yes it will be! I had the DA-60 and ES composite pipe on mine and it was ballistic! Looking forward to seeing you rip it up with the added power.
I am running a PTE-72 twin in mine. Just got it down today to do some work on it. Replaced the rudder servo with the 7956SHR that was originally in it that had to go back to Hitec for service. Did some investigating work on putting in twin Evolution pipes. I was told by the Horizon rep at WRAM that they are a bit more line canisters, but they are very skinny and I can cram two into the tunnel. If all goes well these might fine their way onto my DA-70 for noise issues.

I liked this plane a lot more on the twin than the GT60 I previously had in it. I did not like the power band on the RE2. I am trying a smooth pipe this season. Lots of different possible setups on this plane.


Just did the maiden on my edge with GP-61.

Absolutely stupid power.

The elevator authority is insane. It does the tightest vortex's and walls from knife edge ever...
I just put bowman rings in the PTE for this season. I need to put it back together. It is the only plane that I have to dial back the normal high rates other than the 60" laser. I have some video of mine from last season, but they are not nearly as good as the ones Jase has.


Having a blast with the Edge.


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I too maidened my Edge this weekend. It to have the gp61 and Savox 2270 on the tail and Bls157hv on the wings. This combo is great. I love this plane. Slow and low or high g stuff yt? His plane does both well. I am stoked. :banana:


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