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  1. thurmma

    2nd Annual Alamo City IMAC Challenge Oct. 8 & 9

    http://www.mini-iac.org/Event-Details/PID/1332 Friday Open for Practice. Pilots meeting 8:00 am Wheels Up 8:30 am on Saturday. All Classes offered, plus NEW NOVICE Class for New Pilots. RV's and Camping welcome, electrical for charging available at the pavilion. Lunch on Saturday provided...
  2. thurmma

    18th Annual Lost Squadron IMAC - July 24 & 25, 2021

    F.A.R.M. Club presents: 18th Annual Lost Squadron IMAC Location: 7158 Lost Squadron Drive, Wrightsville Ar. 72183 July 24 & 25, 2021 Meals provided for pilots: Saturday breakfast, lunch. Sunday breakfast. Class Competition Divisions: Novice – Basic – Sportsman – Intermediate – Advance -...
  3. thurmma

    Next up in SC Region, Baxter 2nd Annual IMAC contest

    Next contest: The 2nd Annual Baxter IMAC Challenge 07/22/2017 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Well we're few days away from the Baxter contest! I'm getting everything in order and hope to deliver one fine Oklahoma summer day. I'll update this with some driving instructions in the next few days...
  4. thurmma

    IMAC NATS 2017

    Ok everyone, I got some screen shots of everything except Unlimited scores after Round 2, Round 3 for Intermediate, and the first unknown round. Enjoy and thank you Rich Whitlow for sending these to me.
  5. thurmma

    Smoky Hill Model Flying Club Hosts The 1st Annual NATS Warm-up for IMAC

    Smoky Hill Model Flying Club is hosting the first annual NATS Warm-up This is a great opportunity and site to prepare for NATS! It is also a great opportunity for new IMAC pilots to take advantage of experienced pilots and get involved with IMAC. This event is open to all IMAC members and...
  6. thurmma

    Broken Arrow, OK IMAC Results

    The Broken Arrow, OK IMAC contest that was rescheduled for this last weekend was almost rescheduled again, but we were able to get the Known rounds in with only a 30 minute delay during the day. We were forced to call the contest Sunday after the first Sportsman pilot ended up in complete cloud...
  7. thurmma

    Lost Squadron IMAC - Wrightsville, AR

    Ready to start the new year of with some friendly competition here in Little Rock, AR. We will be hosting our Annual event April 8-9. Pilots meeting @ 8:00 wheels up @ 9:00. Registration and field will be open Friday. $40 for non-IMAC members, $30 IMAC members. First timers come on out and try...
  8. jtec/radiowave

    President's and AMA expo sale

    We're not going to NY this year for the AMA /WRAMS show so we thought we'd bring the deals to you.
  9. kevinjulieevan

    2016 2nd annual House Mountain IMAC contest

    well we just finished our 2nd annual imac contest at house mountain. i thought i would start this thread in order to post pics and summary of the event. we had 8 pilots in the basic class which was our largest class. i mainly do this contest to give local pilots a chance to try imac and this...
  10. Alky6

    20cc Pattern Plane for Practice

    OK. I know this may be heresy, but I have a VVRC 20cc that needs a home. Have everything to build a MOJO 65, but really thinking about a nice practice plane to work on sequences without pulling out my bigger planes. I have a .40 size Utter Chaos that really flies well, but would like a gas...
  11. thurmma

    Columbia, MO IMAC contest

    Overall, there were 7 pilots flying in the Flying Tigers Imac Challenge 2016 contest. In no particular order they were: Charles Cooke, Greg Dial, Jeff Buchner, Kevin Schmidt, Mark Thurman, Tom Burndrett Sr and Vicente Bortone. These pilots flew a grand total of 140 judged sequences. Jeff...
  12. Fixed Wing

    For Sale Carden 124" Extra 300 Special

    RTF without Batteries - $5,500 Excellent Condition and Straight Flyer Set Up for IMAC DA 200L with Standard Mufflers Dual Futaba R6014HS Receivers All High Voltage Servos Smart-Fly Optical Kill System Mejzlik CF 30x13 Evo Tru Turn 5" Lightened Aluminum Spinner Carbon Fiber Main Gear & Tail Wheel...
  13. thurmma

    Wings Over Abilene IMAC Challenge 08/06/2016 Abilene , Texas

    The web site for the contest is: www.abilenercsociety.webs.com
  14. thurmma

    NATS scores as I get them

    Hello everyone, Here are the scores from Day 1!
  15. thurmma

    Dalton 260 vs 3DHS 330LX for IMAC

    I don't want to start brand wars here but, I would like input from anyone who has flown both of these aircraft and your thoughts. I am currently flying the 330LX and working through the trimming/mixing process but, just found a very good deal on a Dalton 260 that all of my equipment would slide...
  16. RacinjasonR4

    For Sale 3DHS 120" EXTRA 330 LX RX READY DA 170 RE3 PIPES

    Plane flown for IMAC only. The motor has about 3 gallons though it. Savox high voltage servos. $4500 RX ready $1500 airframe , pipes, and headers $3000 less the servos
  17. Bartman

    GSN IMAC Lite Format...Ideas??

    Hi folks, I was talking with former IMAC Pres. Wayne Matthews at Joe Nall a few weeks ago and asked how practical it might be to draw up a competitive precision acro format that could be administered at fun-grade flying events as an intro or fun contest format. We discussed it a little and...
  18. Bartman

    Jase Dussia

    Also known here as @JaseTheAce, Jase Dussia is from Otsego, MI and is a member of Team Extreme Flight flying his 125" Extra in IMAC and his 120cc MXS in Freestyle events. Jase is currently sponsored by Extreme Flight, Desert Aircraft, Spektrum (Horizon), Falcon Props, and TruTurn.
  19. Bartman

    Replacement Horizontal Stab for a Carden Cap?

    Hi folks, Just getting my shop cleaned up now that the big Cub is flying and was looking at the Carden 35% Cap that I started rebuilding last year. If it's going to fly it needs a new horizontal stabilizer. I'm happy to buy the foam cores and go from there but where would I possibly find...
  20. Bartman

    IAC to Move Nationals to Oshkosh in 2017

    https://www.iac.org/news/2016-04-04-iac-move-us-nationals-2017 Submitted by Michael Heuer on Mon, 2016-04-04 12:25 The following is an advance release of IAC President Mike Heuer's monthly column in Sport Aerobaticsmagazine for May. It describes the recent decision by the Board of Directors...