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2nd Annual Alamo City IMAC Challenge Oct. 8 & 9



Friday Open for Practice.

Pilots meeting 8:00 am Wheels Up 8:30 am on Saturday.

All Classes offered, plus NEW NOVICE Class for New Pilots.

RV's and Camping welcome, electrical for charging available at the pavilion.

Lunch on Saturday provided, Lite breakfast Saturday and Sunday

Entry Fee: $40 (IMAC Members) $60 (Non-IMAC Pilots - Membership included)

First Time Basic: Free (IMAC Members) $40 (Non-IMAC - Membership Included)

There will also be offered a "Novice Class" for Saturday Only. Entry Fee for Novice is $10.00.

As Per Rule 4.3 There shall be no airborne devices fitted to the aircraft which place the aircraft under less than total control by the pilot. These devices will include, but are not limited to, gyros, automatic pilots, electronic stabilization, and timing devices. Non-airborne aids such as transmitter based functions are permissible.
Pilots found to be using prohibited devices will be disqualified from the contest.


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