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Lost Squadron IMAC - Wrightsville, AR


Ready to start the new year of with some friendly competition here in Little Rock, AR.

We will be hosting our Annual event April 8-9. Pilots meeting @ 8:00 wheels up @ 9:00. Registration and field will be open Friday. $40 for non-IMAC members, $30 IMAC members.

First timers come on out and try it for free. Sun spots and Electricity available.

You can sign up for the contest on the IMAC site by following this link:



GSN Contributor
The contest was great. There was plenty of wind to keep us challenged, good food and great fellowship. A big thanks to the FARM Club for their great hospitality and also to everyone who came in from inside and outside the RC Region. Big thanks for "Big John" Schroeder for coming and bringing some great young talent!

A couple of thins to note. We had a great Freestyle round, with some really exciting moments! Even had a backward flying Rolling Elevator that we may not see again in a long time!

Also, we had a large Jeti radio group (see pic) that was great to see (for me it was, anyway!) I don't usually travel to places and see 1 other Jeti flyer and we had 7!

Thanks again to everyone! Wrightsville-1547.jpg Wrightsville-1548.jpg Wrightsville-1550.jpg Wrightsville-1552.jpg Wrightsville-1588.jpg Wrightsville-1596.jpg Wrightsville-1601.jpg Wrightsville-1603.jpg Wrightsville-1626.jpg Wrightsville-1628.jpg Wrightsville-1632.jpg Wrightsville-1633.jpg Wrightsville-1635.jpg Wrightsville-1553.jpg Wrightsville-1572.jpg Wrightsville-1583.jpg Wrightsville-1640.jpg Wrightsville-1647.jpg Wrightsville-1650.jpg Wrightsville-1652.jpg Wrightsville-1655.jpg Wrightsville-1660.jpg Wrightsville-1666.jpg Wrightsville-1669.jpg Wrightsville-1677.jpg Wrightsville-1685.jpg Wrightsville-1697.jpg Wrightsville-1710.jpg Wrightsville-1711.jpg Wrightsville-1712.jpg Wrightsville-1713.jpg Wrightsville-1714.jpg Wrightsville-1715.jpg Wrightsville-1722.jpg Wrightsville-1723.jpg Wrightsville-1724.jpg Wrightsville-1725.jpg Wrightsville-1726.jpg Wrightsville-1729.jpg Wrightsville-1730.jpg Wrightsville-1754.jpg Wrightsville-1766.jpg Wrightsville-1770.jpg Wrightsville-1773.jpg Wrightsville-1793.jpg Wrightsville-1799.jpg Wrightsville-1804.jpg Wrightsville-1806.jpg Wrightsville-1808.jpg Wrightsville-1809.jpg Wrightsville-1810.jpg Wrightsville-1811.jpg Wrightsville-1812.jpg Wrightsville-1813.jpg Wrightsville-1814.jpg Wrightsville-1815.jpg Wrightsville-1816.jpg Wrightsville-1775.jpg Wrightsville-1776.jpg Wrightsville-1779.jpg Wrightsville-1968.jpg Wrightsville-1996.jpg Wrightsville-2016.jpg Wrightsville-1817.jpg Wrightsville-1818.jpg Wrightsville-1819.jpg Wrightsville-1820.jpg Wrightsville-1821.jpg Wrightsville-1824.jpg Wrightsville-1827.jpg Wrightsville-1834.jpg Wrightsville-1849.jpg Wrightsville-1856.jpg Wrightsville-1860.jpg Wrightsville-1863.jpg Wrightsville-1871.jpg Wrightsville-1874.jpg Wrightsville-1880.jpg Wrightsville-1886.jpg Wrightsville-1887.jpg Wrightsville-1894.jpg Wrightsville-1897.jpg Wrightsville-1901.jpg Wrightsville-1905.jpg Wrightsville-1908.jpg Wrightsville-1909.jpg Wrightsville-1910.jpg Wrightsville-1915.jpg Wrightsville-1917.jpg Wrightsville-1919.jpg Wrightsville-1930.jpg Wrightsville-1935.jpg Wrightsville-1939.jpg Wrightsville-1942.jpg Wrightsville-1945.jpg Wrightsville-1947.jpg Wrightsville-1948.jpg Wrightsville-1950.jpg Wrightsville-1951.jpg Wrightsville-1957.jpg Wrightsville-1964.jpg