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For Sale Carden 124" Extra 300 Special

RTF without Batteries - $5,500
Excellent Condition and Straight Flyer Set Up for IMAC
DA 200L with Standard Mufflers
Dual Futaba R6014HS Receivers
All High Voltage Servos
Smart-Fly Optical Kill System
Mejzlik CF 30x13 Evo
Tru Turn 5" Lightened Aluminum Spinner
Carbon Fiber Main Gear & Tail Wheel
Carden Wing Bag Set
Uniquely Built Using Lots Carbon Fiber, Cored Wings and Many Lightening Techniques
Weight Measured on 8/11/16 - 37 Lbs. 13.3 Oz.
There is a 146 Page Build Thread About this Plane on Another Major Forum
(search for thread started by "Fixed Wing" using the title of this ad or PM me for link)
Local Pickup or Willing to Meet within Reasonable Distance from Magnolia, TX


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    Carden K15 Sale - 6.JPG
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Plane has been sold.

For some reason I am not able to mark it as SOLD in the ad's title.
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