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Hello from..... Calgary , Alberta

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Rusty 73, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Here's some fresh pictures of my PAU Extra , all taped down waiting for the Goop to cure . IMG_2563.jpg
  2. With the bandages/ tape and then removed , notice how the paint lines of the right side don't line up . This plane came from the first batch of Extra's that was launched last March .

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  3. IMG_2578.JPG This side the paint lines just about lined up , I guess these are the problems with the first batch of airframes .

    IMG_2584.jpg IMG_2582.jpg This is the rear mount for the pipe , used some 3/16 plywood for reinforcement and used 6/32 bolts with locking washers to support the bracket.

  4. Here's picture of the engine with a plywood mount 0.80" , Herve suggest a nose weight from white rose of 6 ounces to offset the tail heaviness of this plane so I'm loading up the front with as much weight as possible to reduce have to run a weight on the engine .

    IMG_2594.jpg IMG_2596.jpg Noticed the holes in the middle are for the exit of the pipes.

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  5. orthobird

    orthobird 150cc

    Very Nice Russell, I like the idea of making the add on weight functional. Sorry about that first fuse, what a bummer, but nice that Herve took care of you!
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  6. Yes Herve wasn't impressed by the shipping company , when I picked it up it looked like a skid of freight fell on it.
    The guys "At the border storage" marked it damage so the the freight company had to pay Herve for the replacement value .
    The replacement fuselage arrived faster than the one that got damaged , go figure!
    When I went down to pick up the replacement fuselage in Nomeber , the Lady asked me to take the remaining damage box or she was going to charge for storage of the damaged box. So I ended up taking all the extra hardware , gear ,cowl pants and tail feathers and fuselage home . I do have some extra parts for both PAU extra's , the other one is seating in a box , the only thing I don't have extra is a set of wings canopy and fuselage . I feel very fortunate that I have two plus planes for the next couple of years. :big_yes:
  7. After adding baffling into the cowl along with the plywood mount , it should reduce the amount of balance weight that i will have to add.
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