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Escapade MX 30cc ARF by Great Planes

Discussion in 'Manufacturer's Announcements and Discussions' started by SleepyC, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. bigblueswope

    bigblueswope 100cc

    Bob, yes, hockey can throw down with the best of them, but he does multiple types of flying.
  2. I fly 3D with 3D planes. This is not a 3D plane IMO, its a sport flyer.

    And a nice one.
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  3. bob_nj

    bob_nj 70cc twin V2

    That's what I was getting at.

  4. Super08

    Super08 70cc twin V2

    Bob the weather up here was nice today, about 75 degrees and light winds. I just came off of night shifts this morning so I was not up to going out. Tomorrow is forecast to rain so it looks like Thurs. or Fri. for the maiden flight. As BH said the control surfaces need to be beveled for more throw. The way it comes the throws are restricted. It should make a good sport flyer, something like flying a Stik but a little more aerobatic as it will do KE etc.
  5. I'd have put some pictures up but the day we maidened it was overcast, I'll have some shots this weekend, is supposed to be sunny and warm Friday through Sunday
  6. Xpress

    Xpress GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    My thoughts exactly. I can never understand why people have to fly 3d with an airplane that's not designed to do 3D. I saw a Hellcat hovering inches off the deck the other day- ok cool, but why? It's a scale warbird not a 3D machine. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you how to fly your airplane but I just don't get why people want to do it with a plane that's not made to fly post stall. I'm sure you'd have a heck of a hard time to get the airplane to fly on the prop anyways, so why put all that effort into it for such little gain?
  7. Gr8Chef

    Gr8Chef New to GSN!

    Mine is ordered, but back ordered until late July.

    Thinking about going with a DLE 35RA.

    Also, is there room in the fuse for a 12 oz smoke bottle?
  8. Super08

    Super08 70cc twin V2

    It is pretty tight in there but it can be done with the right tank combo. A couple guys have built them with smoke already. Here are a couple shots of mine from today. 11022578_10155531437490504_8199571271278480718_o.jpg 11148577_10155531437370504_8594153899279057386_o.jpg 11154626_10155531437135504_5221737121650698237_o.jpg 11174336_10155531437635504_4937592397192550576_o.jpg 11174455_10155531437630504_2814154746410498597_o.jpg 11201023_10155531438085504_4222703541535001711_o.jpg
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  9. Gr8Chef

    Gr8Chef New to GSN!

    Very nice. You've confirmed my decision for this plane.
    What engine are you running?

    If you happen to catch one of your friends that's running smoke in this plane with the canopy off, please snap a pic and upload. I'm really curious how I can get two 12 oz +/- tanks in the fuse.
  10. Super08

    Super08 70cc twin V2

    It was a couple guys on another forum. If I see a pic I will pass it on. I have the DLE35RA in mine.

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