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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.

Got the 70mm slim yesterday and went to figuring things out. I mounted it to the carrage using the follow rest mounting points. I might re-do it and bolt it from the bottom. Don't know if I'll ever need a follow rest, but with this setup I can't. I also still have to figure out how I want to attach the sensor to the cross slide. I'm also really liking the Maxx-T band saw. It's been working great. I really like the auto shutoff function.


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The magnetic scale arrived today for the cross slide. It is installed and I can now touch the chuck jaws with a tool now, I'm happy. See the before and after photos. I did need to rewire the plug to match my RS422 pinout.

Above is the original glass scale, it was 2 1/4" long.


The magnetic scale does not require a shield since it is immune to oil and chips. You can now see part of the carriage.


Here a shot with the six inch chuck installed. Before I had to cantilever the tool out, not any more. Just about done messing with the lathe, I can get back on the Champ now.
Now you have me thinking about a smaller scale. Maybe the Electronica MagnaSlim magnetic scales. I think it would work betting on my 7 x 14. Was it easy to rewire your scale plug?


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Got the cross slide all working good. Just need to add the plexy glass shield.


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