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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.

The scale showed up for the carriage travel.


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Doesn't look long enough, what am I missing? And thank you again for the guide.

It's a 14" travel linier scale, and though my lathe is a 7 X 14, I don't get the full 14" travel due to the chuck and tailstock tooling. I think I could have gotten away with a 12" and been fine. I'll post some pics when I get it on the machine. Took me a couple of nights to get the tiny lathe bed done, so I don't know how soon I'll tackle this. I still have a 70mm slim scale on the way from China, for the cross slide.

And your very welcome. Thank you for all your help!


Built this mechanism for the power feed on my mill x axis. The power feed was made from a windshield wiper motor, 15 volt 20 amp power supply and a pulse width dc motor controller. An 1 1/8" socket is used to engage and disengage the feed, it slides on a half inch piece of key stock fitted on the wiper motor shaft. Without the mechanism I had to slide the socket onto the hex from the underside while wiggling the handwheel on the opposite end of the table. I had to turn the feed motor off to engage and disengage. With this mechanism I can engage and disengage while the motor is running. I'm dragging my feet on the Champ!

IMG_2500 (1).jpg
An auto feed setup on the X axis is most likely the next upgrad I'll do on my mill. After all the back and forth while I was cutting in the ways on the tiny lathe bed really made me want one. Here's the link to the linier scales I purchased. There's a drop down box you can choose from. So far I'm really happy with what I've got from them.



I pulled the trigger on a 5" magnetic scale, hopefully it will work with my display. I will need to rewire the plug because my display uses a different pinout. With a little luck the 6" chuck will clear, if not I will gain 1" of travel, the glass scale is 2 1/4" while the magnetic is 1 1/4". Found a few posts that stated magnetic and glass scales are interchangeable. Thanks for the tip.
I'm hoping the 70mm slim will have enough travel for my cross slide. If not, I'll have to pick up a 5" and cut it. I think it will work though. I only have about 2.75" of travel on the cross slide.