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Mini lathe (and mill) discussion.

Phase 1 of project DRO complete. I got a cheep DRO off of ebay for the tailstock. I could have used one building the tap guides. Don't know what system I'll go with for the carriage and cross slide yet.


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Weather is improving, my 'machine shop' needs a finished ceiling before I will waste heat in the winter time. I hope to get to my lathe and mill soon. Good motivation, this thread.
I'm looking for one that takes up minimum real estate on the carriage and cross slide. I know their out there, because my mill has a nice non intrusive one.


You have seen my install and all I can say it is very rarely that interference is an issue, only when I use the 6" four jaw chuck. I'm thinking about a 5" four jaw that the cross slide scale will fit under. Vevor has a 5" 3 jaw for $82 plus I will need a 6" adapter plate for $70.
The monitor showed up today. It's identical to my mill, but with an rpm input. Didn't get the scales yet, but the rpm readout works great.


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