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Extreme Flight 76/83" MXS

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by Enterprise, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. well I have a bunch of 12S batteries at 3700 mah and 5000 mah. If I use 21X10 PJN will that over stress the motor? Or do I need to go down one size?

    I figured if buck was using 22x10 PJN on 10S then 21x10 PJN on 12 S is pretty reasonable. Right?
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  2. Aeroplayin

    Aeroplayin 70cc twin V2


    10S with a 22x10 on that motor does 6890 RPMs, 101A, and 3630W
    12S with a 21x10 will try to do 8430 RPMs, which will take 131A and 5750W, which means it won't and probably fry trying.

    On 10S, it will do 7025 RPMs, 91A, and 3315W, which is not bad... 246 Watts per pound at 13.5 pounds.

    If it were me, and I was limited to 12S, I'd probably have to try the 19x8 PJN... the motor will try to spin it about 9000 RPMs, but will only draw about 82A and produce about 3580 to 3720 Watts.

    That's pretty good pitch speed, and the throttle response should be very good. But all the power will be at the very top end of the throttle curve. If you do more XA than 3D, it may work. If you do more 3D than XA, you may want to consider the 21x10 on 10S, and maybe try the 22x8 on 10S, which will be noticeably slower than the 21x10. But again, not sure the motor can manage the bigger props up around 7000+ RPMs.
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  3. Blewis

    Blewis New to GSN!

    What size spinner is that?
  4. Blewis

    Blewis New to GSN!

    Wow, thanks everyone for this thread! It has taken me several days to make it through it and am so excited! If weather permitting the brown truck should be delivering mine today! I will spend today going completely through this thread again. This will be my first gasser since I got out of the hobby 18 years ago. One quick question, what size spinner is required for the EF 83"? I plan on getting rid of the rust I have accumulated in other planes and then some nice and easy flying while I break in my new DA35. I'm not a 3d pilot but (you can call me crazy) I just had to have this beauty! If anyone would care to share details of their radio set up and would email that to wizardcarpet05@gmail.com that would be great. I am also receiving my Savox SA1258's this week. I have gotten MANY ideals here on stuff to get. Thanks again from this old rusty newbie
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  5. I doubt that our radio setups would be very helpful to you, most of us setup for a full on 3d plane with extreme throws, etc.
    that said, what kind of radio do you have?
  6. Blewis

    Blewis New to GSN!

    Have choice of spectrum dx6 (which I know will limit the set up or not be enough at all) or older Futaba 8u on 72. Not interested in the full 3d set ups right now however I would like to go with good to better batteries etc. I'll spend the day doing more research here. I'm new to this site so I'm sure there are gobs of info I can find here and hopefully can pick and choose the info I need to finish the set up
  7. A DX6 is not enough channels for this plane if going gas...
    you have 1 throttle servo, 2 elevator servos so 2 channels there, 2 aileron servos, so 2 more there, a rudder servo, and then a channel for your engine kill. Assuming you are using some type of remote engine kill that is.
    Theoretically you could use a Y-Cable on the ailerons and maybe have enough channels, and with a sport setup on the plane you could probably get away with it. But this plane uses larger and more heavy duty servos in a full 3d setup, and one servo can pull 2 amps easily. 2 servos on a y-cable would potentially be able to overload that single cable/rx plug as they aren't rated for more than 2-3 amps. It wouldn't be my ideal setup, though you could perhaps do it since you wouldn't be having full 30-40 degree 3d type throws that tax the servos that much.

    I fly a JR radio, so my setup file wouldn't be of any help to you.
  8. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    A 3" spinner is what is called for I believe. I use a 3.25"'electric one and it fits perfectly. With the DA-35 you will will have to either get a tru turn drilled for the 35 or get a blank metal or carbon fiber one a drill it yourself. All the pre made ones only seem to come in the DLE-30 pattern.

    The 35 is the same spacing as the 50/55/60/70 motors, but with 4mm holes instead of 5mm. DA sells the drill guide.
  9. 3dmike

    3dmike 640cc Uber Pimp

    Anyone see this video yet? Just thought I would post another killer Jase Dussia vid!

  10. rppoind

    rppoind 30cc

    Blewis.....Welcome back to R/C flying. Like you I am not a 3D level flyer, but I do enjoy a powerful responsive plane. If this is your first EF plane you are in for a treat. The manual is detailed and will give you a very good model if you follow it to a T. Build and set yours up per the book and I bet you will be happy. If you are using standard muffler with the DA 35 keep the plane as light as you can. I would recommend that you use a modern 2.4 radio and Not the DX6. I have one and use it for BNF and foamies.
    I fly older JR, but if I was buying a new TX right now I think the DX9 would be a good choice and is compatible with whatever you have been flying with the DX 6. It should take care of your needs for some time.

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