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55" EPP/Plywood/Carbon fiber Hybrid Yak 54 coming from Skywing

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by rcguy1958, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Cool thanks for the info.
  2. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Looks like a fun plane to me :)
  3. Santi8

    Santi8 70cc twin V2

    Prototype looks promising.. Any word on specs for weight? I'm curious what servos and motor will be ideal. I'm hoping this could be a good option for the guys that aren't ready to spend $600+ to get a 60" bird in the air... I'm looking forward to more updates.
  4. yea me2

    just flew the guts out of my wattaplane slick this morning....best flying yet for me.
  5. No specs yet, probably another couple of weeks yet. Feda seems to be trying to finalize theWattaplane color schemes..he put up some pics of 4 different color flame paint schemes...all the same design just different colors. They looked ok...just not a fan of flame jobs on planes. Like I said, probably only another week or two and we'll have more info.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2013
  6. yea i not a big fan of the flames either.....i hope they keep the orange scheme
  7. The orange scheme is the Skywing scheme and will probably be done in more colors than orange. The flame jobs were the proposed scheme for Wattaplanes version. He asked for opinions on the flame schemes, but hasn't posted any further info since.
  8. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    I've called and left messages with Max (Feda) and invited him to come post here, but no replies. Maybe if you all contact him and let him know how much you'd like him to join us here, he'll drop by. I'd love to be able to follow the development here!
  9. I've asked him twice already. He's really busy with the 3 websites, plus he's on a number of Chinese forums as well as RCG. I think he'll get here eventually, but he hasn't been nearly as active on the threads since beginning this mutual development with the edge, slick, and now yak.
  10. Got some news on the Yak. Production run is started and the first orange Skywing schemes should be available at Best Value RC.com this week. Retail price, before shipping is expected to be under $120.00, as per feda. I'm guessing with shipping it will be $190.00 to $200.00 delivered to the U.S. . Still no specs on weight, recommended motor or prop, just that it's designed around 2 3S 2200 packs in series for 6S. I'm pretty sure we all have a good idea on servos, motor, speedo for this size air frame, but would be easier to speculate with a projected flying weight. Anyway, we should have that info by the end of the week, along with Skywings' recommendations on all other equipment.

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