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3DHS New Products and General Plane Info/Help for Fanatics

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by G.P., Aug 21, 2012.

  1. I think that is what the "fly low - off topic" thread is here. We should get it straightened out so that we don't end up with multiple threads like that other site.
  2. Fair enough I will delete this one if I can figure it out here.
  3. Luv3d

    Luv3d 70cc twin V2

  4. fixxin2fly

    fixxin2fly 70cc twin V2

    Just added the 47SHP and the 48 Yiper to the arsenal last week.....but a garage sale would be cool. There are still a couple that I dont have yet :banana:
  5. Already have a silver one that matches my Buck Huck. Had it almost a year now and its still in the box, haven't had time to build it yet but I do have all the components. Yea I know lame slacker, but hey when I get home I'll have been at sea for approx 245 days this year.
  6. Jwmav528

    Jwmav528 70cc twin V2

    2nd on the 74 Edge. Funds are limited ATM but I'd definitely build it after the holidays.
  7. What time is the sale
  8. gyro

    gyro GSN Contributor

    Hi Mike, welcome to the site :)

    Time hasn't been annnounced by Noll yet, but he said to plan for the evening in his email.

    Hope that helps a little...
  9. Vintauri

    Vintauri 50cc

    I work for the State Government and things go one of two ways.... Slower then a snail going upstream in a flow of molasses or so fast you'll head will spin right into the ground right along with what ever project it was that got "Accelerated"!

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