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3DHS New Products and General Plane Info/Help for Fanatics

Discussion in 'ExtremeFlight/3DHS' started by G.P., Aug 21, 2012.

  1. hone

    hone 150cc

    I love twins :)

    Now with the vvrc 40cc twin and da70 twin available I don't think I'll buy another single.
  2. Bigroger

    Bigroger 70cc twin V2

    This isn't exactly true.

    The singles actually have higher torque then the twins. Just ask the folks at DA, the DA170 versus DA200 (4 pot), the DA170 will spin a larger prop then the DA200.

    But your right, the twins are definitely sweeter, better spool up and run with much less vibration.
  3. Enterprise

    Enterprise 150cc

    I should say that the twins have better torque in the lower RPM range to be more accurate, hence the spool up and ability to use a bigger prop. The single produces more power, just at higher RPM ranges.

    My PTE-72 will turn the Mej 26x8 and have good throttle response as I have a hat cam video of this.
    My DA-60/RE-2 would not even turn the Xoar 25B with a spool up that could be used in 3D

    I have run a Mejzlik 24x10TH on both of them and the DA-60 spins it 200-300 more RPM, but the PTE gets there quicker.

    I have never worked with the 40% class motors. I know in full scale, a 6 cylinder has better throttle response than a large 4. On a fuel miser plane like a Mooney, the 4 cylinder wins over a small 6.

    There are volumetric and mechanical losses associated with each cylinder.
  4. lbrinson

    lbrinson New to GSN!

    We need another 3DHS garage sale to help get us through the winter.
  5. djmoose

    djmoose 70cc twin V2

  6. Sweet Video - my buddy has the s-800 - flies so smoothly - how do you like the gimbal? I'm building my first serious camera rig now so I'm just seeing how people like their stuff - what they would change, etc.
  7. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    this is a test

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