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Show off Warbird photos...you know you have one!

Discussion in 'Scale Civillian and WarBirds' started by Ken-H, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    Heres an odd one of mine,

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  2. js-rc

    js-rc 70cc twin V2

    Wow !! That is some plane !! Can you tell us more about that one ? !!
    Thanks, John !!
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  3. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    P3.JPG Thank you John, the airplane is a model of a Lublin R-IIIXD which was a Polish observation airplane used in the 30's and it was still in service when Germany invaded Poland. I built the model to 1/4 scale which gives it a span of 132", power is a Saito FG 36 gas four stroke. It tips the scales at just 26lbs so the thing flies like a giant Sig Kadet!
    It has been to Top Gun 3 times but it really lacks the "WOW" factor so it will never be a winner (And there are way better models there). I did fly it to a third place several years ago at the Scale Masters championships in Rosewood IN. I have since retired it from the contest life and now it's just a fun-flyer on nice days at my local field.

    M8.JPG View attachment 94910 O8.JPG
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2017
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  4. Jetpainter

    Jetpainter 640cc Uber Pimp

    Very nice Larry! I always love your choice of out of the ordinary subjects.
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  5. js-rc

    js-rc 70cc twin V2

    Wow again !! I was going to say "You should enter it in Top Gun" when I first saw it & here you already had it there , ha !! Thanks for putting it on here & I'll be watching for more of your great work !!
  6. orthobird

    orthobird 150cc

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  7. orthobird

    orthobird 150cc

    here is another video from today. This is an Albatros:
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  8. Larry B

    Larry B 70cc twin V2

    I like that color scheme on your Albatros!:way_to_go:
  9. orthobird

    orthobird 150cc

    Not mine!!
    It is one of our club members, who is a gifted builder and he is a Saito lover. He loves those Saito four strokes.
  10. orthobird

    orthobird 150cc

    Anyone know why this happened?


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