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Show off Warbird photos...you know you have one!

Discussion in 'Scale Civillian and WarBirds' started by Ken-H, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Ken-H

    Ken-H Centerpunchit!

    Closet warbird pilot here. Yeah...I got issues.



    The P-38 is mine from an event we had in Bellingham.

    6527=2573-IMG_5893.jpg[​IMG] 6527=2578-IMG_5900.jpg[​IMG]
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  2. Ken-H

    Ken-H Centerpunchit!

    My DA Powered TF P-51 at Wenatchee Huckfest thanks to [MENTION=400]Lardog[/MENTION]!



    6537=2588-IMG_0176 (1).jpg[​IMG] 6537=2586-IMG_0194.jpg[​IMG]
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  3. tyor

    tyor New to GSN!

    here are mine 2 warbirds. Fieseler storch from black horse models and Aichi d3a1 val from ESM. both powered by ngh GF38 4 stroke gas.


  4. Silvanskii

    Silvanskii 30cc

    My old warbird, 1/5th scale 109 in formation with my dad's FW-190 and my current warbird, 1/8th scale F-22.

    7890=2948-IMG_1144.jpg[​IMG] 7890=2949-IMG_20130831_172253_166.jpg[​IMG]
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  5. Here's some pics of both my maiden flight and formation flight with Ken-h and his TF P-51!!! Mines the P-47 powered by a DA50

  6. Ken-H

    Ken-H Centerpunchit!

    Hey! Glad you made it but I think you forgot something...
  7. haha its not working lol
  8. Ken-H

    Ken-H Centerpunchit!

    Nice shot!
  9. Firefly

    Firefly 30cc

    My first warbird.

    8039=2994-P1050325 (2014_03_02 18_21_13 UTC).jpg[​IMG]



    Skyshark P-40 with DLE-55 and Sierra landing gear.

    why my pics so small?
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  10. Lets give the WWI guys some love.

    8205=3035-DSC_0160.jpg[​IMG] 8205=3037-DSC_0235.jpg[​IMG] 8205=3038-DSC_0244.jpg[​IMG] 8205=3036-DSC_0379.jpg[​IMG]

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