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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


Turned the wings and ailerons gray with EkoSpray. I went over the wings at least twice with an iron but the EkoSpray really highlights all the loose tape and spots that need ironed. Thankfully the the EkoSpray can be heat smoothed.


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Cooling off here in the Burg, low 60 high with lows in the 40's next few days coupled with rain, might delay paint work.

I flew Saturday (1 flight), everybody is at Nall I guess as only one other member was at the field. Once he left I didn’t fly. But the early afternoon temp was only 68 or so. Wife like to golf so we golfed today in the low 70’s. Very cool recently.


In another month you will be longing for one of those 70 degree days while sitting at the pool drinking an IPA(Indian Pee and Alcohol) !