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Scale Nelitz 1/3 scale Cub build


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I fretted about this for a day or 2 and eventually tried an idea. Actually my solution was pretty easy. No way could I overlap this window, the windshield and surface mount everything. So with a Dremel i just free handed a groove in the window pillar and recessed the side window. Better I think.




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Why mess around, make a pattern of the outline of your dash and drawing of what you want or a photo of the full scale you like and send it off to SAC. That's my 33% Champ dash on their site. Their dashes are about 3/16" thick so make your boot cowl after you get the dash. See how the aluminum overlaps the dash below. Tell them I sent you!
For the Champ I sent them a photo from the three view and they duplicated it.
View attachment 121893

View attachment 121892

I emailed SAC and no response. I guess I will call. Based upon your provided drawings and the cheap screws snapping every other screw I will need to redo my dashboard or get one made.



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They responded!. Estimation of between 75 and $150 is wonderful. I am mailing them a template in the morning. Thank you Tony.