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Scale Beech KingAir 200. RC12-H

So i worked on these when i was i. The ARMY stationed in Korea. I found this plan and shortkit on ebay and pulled the trigger not really knowing anything about the designer. So far I'm pleased with the Scale fidelity of the overall design and have started construction. It is a challenge since there are no instructions what so ever and the plans are really vague. But for me, that is what is making this so fun. Freedom to do whatever i want. Attached is a photo of a similar aircraft of what I'm attempting to accomplish with this build. Not sure how quick updates will come so bare with me if you interested and follow this thread.
The kit was drawn with a wing span of 120". Ment to be powered by a couple of .60 glow engines which i will not be using. Right now I'm thinking about a couple of 20cc gassers since it will be a little heavier. I know i. Theory i should go electric but that's really just not my thing. It has a 3 piece wing. Tips are removable outside of the necelles but will still be a pretty large assembly to transport. But at least it will be on it's gear. I will be using Robar electrics for that purpose.


That’s definitely a giant!

Flying a .60 size electric power system with 6s battery on Draco and really like it.
So much so that I bought the identical setup for my Christen Eagle.
But as you accurately stated, electric must be your thing.

Looking forward to watching your progress this one!