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3W Ignition timing manual

Discussion in 'Gas Engines' started by thurmma, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Thought I would post this manual in case anyone else would like instructions on setting the timing for the engines with dual magnets and using the 3W ignition. Hope it helps someone else out :)

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  2. Cool. I typically just run a little score line next to the pick up, if it were to ever go bad. That way, it gets put back in the same place. :)

    But it is nice to know the actual degree's. :)
  3. will have to download that one. Though when a 3W ignition goes bad I typically switch to a different brand.
  4. The main reason I put this up is the 106 is running ok, but just didn't think it was what it should be. So I put the degree wheel on it and NOTHING made sense! The hub has 2 magnets and neither one was anywhere near 28 degrees btdc, so I asked a few 3w gurus from around here and nobody had the answer, so I went to the Germany 3w site because AI is still closed due to weather and the move. After all was said and done, I found this manual and low and behold the engine has been running 7 degrees AFTER TDC when the spark is supposed to fire exactly at TDC from the second magnet. Well, I was able to get it 2 degrees After TDC, the slide won't go any further and it runs MUCH better. The only thing that sucks is I already have an RC Excel ignition on the way. it will be here Saturday on the mail run. The weather has turned to crap, but Saturday is supposed to be flyable, so I may go out early and see how it runs now. I may just hang onto the new ignition as a spare for now if the performance is acceptable.
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  5. Nothing wrong with the 3W ignitions if you keep em cool. All electronics fail eventually as do mechanical items. My preference is mainly due to cost of replacement. The RC Excel is cheaper and more heat tolerant, so when you have to replace that is the way to go. But I have had hall sensors move etc etc so its good to have the manual to know where everything should go.
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  6. I've been mounting my IIS ignitions upside down. I try not to use a wide strip of velcro to retain the ignition to whatever it is that I'm mounting it to. I've been using 2 3/4" wide straps, with a small piece of velcro on the label side to keep it from moving around.

    Man I need to fly! All this keyboard flying is for the birds! LOL!
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  7. This how I mounted my last set of 3WIIS Ignition boxes in my last 50% with rubber washers and 6-32 screws and blind nuts. As you can see they get plenty of air moving around them and underneath them is a cooling hole as well. So since these new boxes are metal using the tabs for mounting is way better than the earlier plastic box versions.

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  8. As you can see in the pics,,, align the 2 timing marks. There's one on the hub and the other is on the crankcase. The sensor should then be directly over the red magnet,,, I used a ball point pen to mark the location of the red magnet. I use the 4.2 version box on this engine it runs perty dang good :)

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  9. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Great info. Mark... I will keep it handy. Thanks.
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  10. wingburner

    wingburner New to GSN!

    Hi guys, I bought a 3W 106CS without an ignition. It has 2 magnets and requires the IIs ignition. I too tried setting it at 28 BTDC with no luck. Got very confused.

    So if I understand this right, I should get spark off the second magnet when the engine is at TDC?

    Thanks Jack

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