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WIN (5) MKS HV777 Servos!! FIND OUT HOW!




  • 20150515_143728.jpg
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OK.. just to clarify, since a lot of people are still getting pics up we will push the winner selection to Friday at 12 noon!
Just watch the homepage, I'll do an entire new feature!
You look more aggravated than sad. Come have some Cuervo with me. Bwhaaaaaaa:cryin:

Lol ya it was the best I could come up with! Cracked a smile right after, selfies just don't happen that often with me!
I WANT THOSE SERVO'S! Actually just ordered some HV9767's for a EF 60" yak and a X8 380 to try on the rudder of my edge!
Hearing lot's of good things!