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WIN (5) MKS HV777 Servos!! FIND OUT HOW!


Ok fellas, if you have not had a chance to meet Thomas Cooke from MKS USA you should. First off he's got a RAD Australian accent that makes you want to listen to Men at Work and pet a kangaroo. Secondly, he's got a great line of servos designed for specific applications. Ever hear of MKS SERVOS? If you haven't you better ask somebody! MKS servos are purpose built from the ground up to be straight up bad ass servos! Fly big helicopters? MKS has a servo for that. Fly giant scale airplanes? MKS has a few servos for that. MKS and Thomas have MKS Team Pilot Joe Smith providing input and testing any and all of the new servos MKS is creating. I spoke at length at Toledo with Thomas about his products and was pleased to find out that MKS servos are not just rebranded "stock" servos that anyone could buy and sell. MKS takes all of their team pilots input and incorporates these ideas and feedback into creating a better servo. In some cases the MKS servos are on REV 3 because Thomas was not happy with good performance and wanted to make the MKS servos THE BEST!

(***SO Sleep, you have been rambling on for over a minute and you have not mentioned how we can win some servos COME ON DUDE***)

OK...OK.... SO.. Thomas from MKS was kind enough to give GiantScaleNews (5) Brand new, still shiny, in the box, super bad ass MKS HV777 servos.... These are the servos you want for any GS airplane!
The MKS HV777's look something like this:


And the MKS HV777 servos have specs like this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.08.27 PM.png

And WE ARE GOING TO GIVE ONE LUCKY GSN MEMBER ALL FIVE SERVOS!! Can you imagine how awesome a brand new 50cc airplane would feel rocking 5 MKS HV777's in it?!!? OH MAN BRING IT!!!!

The catch....YOU do have to do something to be entered into this MKS servo contest! We want to have some fun with this contest and we really want to meet a lot of our GSN members. So here is what we are going to do. From what I hear there is a pretty big fly-in coming up in a week or so called Joe Nall. And apparently quite a few people attend this fly-in. SO, if you are going to Joe Nall what you need to do is come up and get a picture with Me, Bart or Thomas from MKS and then post that picture here to this contest thread. After Joe Nall is over, on the following Monday (5/18) we will use the Random Number generator to select a post number from this thread. Whoever that post number belongs to will be the winner provided he/she has a proper picture posted with one of us!

Now, if you are not going to Joe Nall, we here at GSN feel that you are being punished enough already and we don't want to add insult to your misery. So for anyone not going to Joe Nall (The greatest fly-in on Earth) you can still enter the contest by taking a selfie holding up a sign that reads... "I could not make it to Joe Nall but I would still like a chance at winning the AWESOME, SUPER BAD ASS MKS SERVOS so please accept my selfie mug shot as an entry." And in the picture you must look as sad as possible.

Now, if you ARE going to Joe Nall and you can take part in the picture hunt, you are going to get a little bit of an advantage... If you are actually there you can enter up to (3) times by posting a picture with each of us. (Sleepy, Bart and Thomas) Just make sure each picture is uploaded to it's own unique post on this thread!

So let's review the Contest Rules:

1) Take a picture with (meaning you are in the picture with the subject) Sleepy, Bart or Thomas Cooke from MKS and upload that picture to this thread.

2) You may enter (3) times by taking a picture with all 3 (Sleepy, Bart and Thomas) and posting each picture individually in this thread as individual posts.

3) If you are not attending Joe Nall (so sorry :eek: ) you can still enter by taking a selfie while holding up a sign that reads: "I could not make it to Joe Nall but I would still like a chance at winning the AWESOME, SUPER BAD ASS MKS SERVOS so please accept my selfie as an entry." ONLY ONE ENTERY ALLOWED FOR NON JOE NALL ATTENDEES.

4) GSN is not responsible for any broken cameras or lenses from photographing Sleepy or Bart. If Thomas breaks your camera's lens, take it up with MKS. :D

OK... See most of you at NALL in a few weeks!



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