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Yippee! What the postman brought


640cc Uber Pimp
Hi Nick need some help if you look at the picture you should recognize it. It is one of your air deflectors. It is sitting on my AJ Laser 115. Unfortunately it is to small. Need one that is 28% bigger. The one on the cowl is 90 mm across the opening it needs to be about 160 mm wide to fit and look correct. Can you help in any way please.

Here’s what I was able to come up with tonight. Just a tad undersized on the length by 6mm.
Upload Link:
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640cc Uber Pimp
This is a picture from a plane I built last year it was a kit and I had to split the cowl it was a kit so the cowl had to be painted. The air dam was made from 1/64 ply. It works well.
Thanks for drawing. Now all I need to do is get it printed. Once that is done I will be building louvred into it, same as shown in the pictures
Thanks again for your help.


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Got part of my lathe upgrade today. Went with an ER40 collet set from Precision Mattews. The collets showed up. Still waiting on the collet chuck, should be here tomorrow and I'll post another update. The collets look really good so far.


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