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Twisted Hobbies - 32" Crack Yak Lite

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by HuckinHavoc, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. ghoffman

    ghoffman 70cc twin V2

    Please take some pics on how to get the rudder servo out.
  2. TH Airframe Servo Replacement

    Step #1: Remove the Servo Arm.

    Step #2: Remove RX. Mine was hot glued to the EPP truss on the left side.

    Step #3: Cut EPP truss on the left side. My wires are routed and hot glued secure under the left side truss. In order to get the servo out I needed to break my hot glue joints on the wiring. Be careful when cutting your truss not to cut too deeply or you could cut your servo wires.
    IMG_3092.jpg IMG_3093.jpg

    Step #4: Remove wiring to gain access to servo. You can see that I put my hot glue dabs on the servo casing so that if I ever needed to replace a servo I could just pull off the hot glue and not have to worry about pulling away the EPP.
    IMG_3094.jpg IMG_3095.jpg IMG_3096.jpg

    Step #5: Cut servo out at the glue joints. Get right up next to the servo. I used welders glue on the bottom of the servo and on the tabs to mount my servo during my orginal build.
    IMG_3097.jpg IMG_3098.jpg

    Step #6: Remove the servo. Test it with your finger first to make sure it is moving around, cut an areas that are still bonded to the foam. Once you are sure it is loose pull it out. I used a pair of hemostats to get a good grip.
    IMG_3099.jpg IMG_3100.jpg IMG_3101.jpg

    Step #7: Re-Install new servo per the manual, route wires, glue truss with Welders.

    Step #8: Go Huckin!

    The entire removal process took about 5 minutes. Reinstallation process will probably take a little longer just because I have to reglue everything.
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  3. Twisted Realm


    Great photos HH!
  4. Havent been able to fly for a couple weeks but made it out to our indoor fly in last night. Put two flights on the replacement servo and it started stripping on me halfway through the second flight. Elevator and aileron servos are doing fine. I am done with the TH CS40D. Does anyone have any replacement recomendations with similar specs? I am having trouble finding something at the same weight @ 6v.
  5. Rich B

    Rich B 50cc

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  6. I can't get enough of my Cracky Yak!! It's my favorite foamy:D

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