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Timber 110" Twin Build


Really impressed with Falcon Propellers. I sent an email looking for a counter rotating pair of beechwood 15x8 electric props. They usually don't carry CW props but Julie with Falcon spoke with their factory and I have 6 sets being made and sent out. Looking forward to mounting 4 on this beast! I've been using Graupner E-Props and really like them, but they are out of production. I'm not a fan of APC. Love Xoar, but I can't get CW props in 15x8.


Test ran the beast! I'll be adding epoxy fillets all through the motor box area. :ooh?: Nearly 60lbs static thrust.

Each motor is on it's own channel and I'll be fine tuning each ESC/channel to sync everything up forward/breaking/reverse. I love Castle's ESCs! Their bluetooth link/phone app USB/computer program are excellent for tuning.



My wife noticed me drooling over the 197mm PMT Bushwheels and surprised me with a set from NorthwestRC.com For the record they are way too expensive! With that said, I'll actually use the added capability and put them to good use up here in AK. I've yet to fly an actual RC field.

I cut/heated/bent a new tail spring from 3/16" 6061-T6 aluminum. It's stiffer than stock but has very nice travel. I'm in the process of tweaking the original aluminum tail fork concept and will cut/bend the final one shortly. The 5/32" dubro axle for the pivot and it actually works very well but I might still look at using a hollow M8 bolt for the pivot.

I talked with Northwest RC and they didn't have any 6mm axle bearings, only the 8mm ones includes. The 8mm axles they sent are very nice but fairly heavy and more than I need. I have a set of these 6x16x5mm bearings coming from Amazon to slip on the factory axles.



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Tailwheel setup complete. I'll likely swap to ball ends/springs later but we will see how straight springs work. The factory axles were slightly larger than 6mm so I chucked them in the drill press and sanded them down for the wheel bearings. I had some left over 6mm wheel hubs from Kavan tires and they worked great for spaces. Loving the gear/8" tire setup. It has a really nice stance and clearance. I just finished up a mix for differential thrust. It engages with a switch and keeps the overall thrust the same but pulls from one side and adds to the other past 50% rudder input. It should give me excellent ground handling in the wind.



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I pulled the gear off the plane to finish tapering the back edge. Very happy with the weight of 2lbs even for a pair of 8" rubber tires, longer wider stance, and probably double to spring rate of the factory gear.

I've built a lot of aluminum gear but this is the first time I've tapered the thickness. A 40 grit belt in the grinder makes quick work of the aluminum and it's a great way to fine tune how much and where the gear bends.



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