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Smaller trailers for 40% + sized Giants!

Discussion in 'Field Gear, Camping Equipment, and Trailers' started by MattyMatt, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. I had an Aeroexpress and I really miss it. No trailer right now and I wish I could have one. No place to store it.
  2. MattyMatt

    MattyMatt 70cc twin V2

    I've seen a few Aero Express trailers for sale on RCU... Not too badly priced usually.

    TL3... I know where one just like mine is that could be bought, in VA.
  3. RJ 706

    RJ 706 70cc twin V2

    No room at my house for a trailer inside the garage as it is full of RC planes, boats, and cars. And our HOA would have an uprising if I parked a trailer in the driveway, so I found the next best thing to carry planes.

  4. Here's a few pictures of the inside. I chose L-Track as the tie down system in the trailer...it is still very much a work in progress but it get my gear to the field and back and I don't have to unload when I get home after a long day at the field!

  5. BalsaDust

    BalsaDust Moderator


    Where might one be in VA? I would love to get my hands on a trailer but I don't think the wife would allow it. Also I see your in NC. your a little ways away from me but my club is having a fun fly on September 20 your more than welcome to attend. No landing fee and lunch will be provided. Would love to meet up with more members from GSN. Also there will be a really good sized fly in in south boston va in October. There will be a $10 landing fee for it but it is over the coarse of two days and camping is available. You also get to fly off of the taxi way at a full scale airport for that one.
  6. I built mine a bout 3 years ago over the winter. Fist outin g was to Joe Nall. While I was verry proud of the work I did on the tailer converting it from a pop up camper. It turned out to heavy. It was also to Square and had a lot of wind resistance. I only got 15 mpg both ways on a 1200 mile round trip. Definitely didn't meet the criteria. Been telling myself that I'm going to redo it. The time hasn't come yet. The top is still original and it leaks pretty bad and needs replaced. I filled the bill for size at 6X10. but it was a little short for the Dalton . Had to take the front bin out for the Dalton to fit. Planning on cutting the width down to 5 ft, and increesing the lenght of the box to11ft. Cut the height down to 4 ft total it's now 5' 6". If I have to I can use it but it's parked for now till I can redo it.

    12626=5814-2012-03-25_13-56-51_69.jpg[​IMG] 12626=5815-2012-05-11_15-02-17_357.jpg[​IMG] 12626=5813-DSC_0287.jpg[​IMG] 12626=5812-DSC_0290.jpg[​IMG] 12626=5811-DSC_0291.jpg[​IMG] 12626=5810-IMG_0326.jpg[​IMG]
  7. I have been looking for a light weight solution myself. I drive a Nissan Rogue with a 1000# towing capacity. I am finding it challenging to find something light weight, have room to make it worthwhile, and be affordable.
  8. camss69

    camss69 70cc twin V2

    I've hauled my planes to the field just about every way possible short of strapping them to the roof. I used to live close to the field (less than 2 miles) and hauling it in the back of my truck was no problem. Then I moved further away and sold my truck so I went with the 6x10 trailer. The trailer was nice but took up a lot of space and my wife (and I also) didn't really like the looks of it in the driveway. It was also a hassle to hook up every time I went to the flying field. So I sold the trailer and bought another truck (full size this time) but the bed was open and being 20+ miles from the flying field by the time I got there the plane took a beating from the wind and the sun. It looked like it had been in the sun all day before I even started flying for the day. Now I have a 4Runner which fits my 35% plane and is definately the easiest to load and unload, protected from the wind and the heat. Now I can only take one plane to the field.. which is ok. Lately I have been thinking a small trailer is the way to go.. Something that will fit inside the garage, small, easy to tow, access from outside. The OP's trailer seems like a close to perfect solution to me. I was also thinking about drawing something up (I had a couple ideas) and see if a trailer shop would build me one for a reasonable price.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
  9. That is pretty much what I have been thinking. It has to fit in the garage due to where I live. But not take up too much of the garage cause I don't want have to live in it (the wife already laid that threat down!!!!).

    My couple glow planes I am flying now pretty much max out my Rogue. But I am either getting in on the 20cc group build or getting a GP Giant Big Stick with a DLE 30 so I have to do something different to get it all to the field.
  10. @Wacobipe, how much does your trailer weigh? It looks like you have a lot of room in there. I am wondering if my Nissan could pull it around OK. I have been searching around for light weight trailers, but not having any luck locally.

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