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Scale RCM 1/3 Scale Champ Build


Found a little time last night to work on the Champ. The original plans showed a 3/8" wood dowel at about the midpoint of the left front window. After reviewing several full scale photos it was determined that is actually the frame for the front sliding glass. While going over the plane I decided to make left front window movable. Using KS 1/8" x .017" channel for this. This mod will add about 10 grams net. Haven't decided how I will make the aluminum frame on the windows, thinking paint.
One of the new landing gear struts is complete, the second needs another hour or two finish. Right now working to get the fabric back on.
5699557 (2).jpg


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Tony, I have 3/8 aluminum channel if you need any. I ended up with a 6 ft piece from McMaster-Carr.



Thanks but that's way too big. The channel I used is 1/8" square with a .017" wall, I think it's going to work out just fine with .040" thick windows. I have .040" polycarbonate sheet (Lexan) that I had tried to vacuum form a windshield for the Champ, this will be more scratch resistant than PETG used in the past.
I may try to vacuum form the polycarbonate again, I did more research and I'm pretty sure I didn't have the sheet hot enough. I have since added a P&ID controller to the oven I now have temperature feedback, before it was best guess.


My wife tested positive for COVID before Christmas, I came down with same symptoms next day so we both missed Christmas with our family and have been in exile since then. Didn't feel very well so I can't tell you just how many movies I have watched since then. Didn't have much desire to work on the Champ either. I did manage to power through and finish the sliding window. Did a bunch of looking at the windows on line and found some with aluminum frames and others that were painted same color as the plane, decided to go the aluminum route. I had some paint that I bought 24 years ago when I was working on the Vega called AlumiBlast, it was used for restoring aluminum brackets and housings. Stilled worked!
I'm pecking away getting the fuselage ready to recover, some of the stringers didn't survive the covering removal process and needed replaced. When I built it I ordered all the spruce from Aircraft Spruce and most were odd sizes like 5/16" x 3/16". Rather than wait for a new order I bought 4 board foot of basswood on line and ripped it down on the band saw with a 1/2" wide blade. I can work about an hour before I decided to come upstairs and rest a while now.

Prayers for healing for the both of you! A lot of people in our area have been bitten as well. Most are getting through it within a couple of weeks, with a lingering head cold. Looks like the window is going to turn out great.