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PM Research Mini Engine Lathe Build

Spent most of the day on snow removal, we've had some big storms roll through, but I had some time tonight to get the carriage gear installed.


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Was able to get a little time on the mini lathe. Put an 04 taper in the headstock spindle and got the two dead centers done!


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One piece at a time, before you know it', it will be done. Did you start with a number 4 taper pin?
I started with reaming the spindle shaft. The kit came with some small taper pins, I just had to cut the 60* point into them. I reamed the spindle shaft, then installed the tapered pins into the spindle so I could cut the 60* points using the compound slide. It worked out good. The dead centers have a very good fit.
Got some more work done on the lathe bed. I used a 1/16" end mill to cut the center slots. Took small cuts and many passes. Then I got the bed ways cut in. I think it turned out good so far.


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