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OK.. why is there a camping section?

Discussion in 'Field Gear, Camping Equipment, and Trailers' started by SleepyC, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Do-rag

    Do-rag 100cc

    Yeah the wife was happy with the trailer with the bedroom for Nall. When we started doing other events she wanted a bathroom and shower. Don't tell her she thinks I bought this just for her.:dancing-chicken::fist-pump-and-yes-s
  2. Flying-Skunks

    Flying-Skunks 50cc

  3. Yakman

    Yakman 70cc twin V2

    This is my fancy camper that i used last year in Billings MT and Sheridan Wyoming. Went thru severe T-storms in both places. Did not cost an arm n leg, little cost in transport mode..
  4. I am sick of coolers breaking every year. Does anyone have a recommendation on a quality one that does not cost a thousand dollars. I was looking at a 90 qt Pelican but man its big bucks.
  5. I have a K2 that's nice, but I think a Yeti is going to be better.
  6. nebwake

    nebwake 70cc twin V2

    Take a decent igloo marine cooler, put on a stainless piano hinge, and rubber closure like what the yetis have and itll last forever. Not as strong as a yeti or pelican (yeti clone but more awesome imo.) But it will last a loooog time and keep ice very well
  7. I think the Pelican is the way to go. The Yeti is way more denaro. I really don't want to buy a cooler and then start modifying it. I'd rather spend a little more for one that works but a good idea.

  8. The bad part about the cheap coolers (besides the durability) is without a gasket on the lid they don't keep ice for long at all in the Florida heat.
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  9. [​IMG]
    Picked one of these up from Lowes today and got my hibachi on. Steak ,chicken, shrimp and rice. Worked great. Only $299. Legs fold and can be taken pretty much anywhere.

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