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NEW Twisted Hobbys 39" Crack Yak WOW

Discussion in 'TwistedHobbys.com' started by AKfreak, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    Twisted Hobbys 39" Crack Yak WOW

    39 CY Grey.jpg

    Chris Jewett kills it with this new plane. I wish this was available when I bough the MXS-C


  2. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    My best flying buddy Bill, moved away this summer. We still keep in touch over the phone, and he was so excited to tell me his new crack yak. He's is a huge fan twisted, and he made this video just for me.

    I miss my bro, but I am so happy to see him doing what he loves, which is flying. Great flying Bill, and to Steve, thanks for the great video.


  3. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    My 39" Crack Yak arrived last night. I just dropped it off at [MENTION=3014]AKfreak[/MENTION]'s house. He is kind enough to put it together for me since I am running short on time due to career imposed time constraints. If any of you have seen his build's, you know I am in good hands :D

    Tom I don't think it would be inappropriate to post some pics of the parts and update us on your build progress in this thread as you go along :D

    I went with the following hardware (I had most of it on-hand already so the choice was made by default)

    Power System:

    Emax BL2215/25 brushless motor http://headsuphobby.com/Emax-BL2215-25-Outrunner-Brushless-Motor-G-186.htm
    Props will be 10x4.7

    30A Esc that I bought in a bulk purchase a few years ago. It performs well but I can't tell you much else about it.

    3x Pulse 35c 800 mah packs. I will be using deans connectors since that is what the esc already has. If I hate it I will change to jst.

    4x RCtimer D9025MG Digital Servos http://www.aerialtechhobbies.com/el...mg-digital-metal-gear-servo-2-5kg-13g-0-09sec

    Controlled by Hitec A9x and a corona mini rx.

    Other building materials include Foamtac glue and blenderm tape.

    Tom and I will give feedback on all the

    Tom says he will bang it out in about a week... I'm not going to hold him to that, but I am very excited to fly this plane :D
  4. Bloosee

    Bloosee 70cc twin V2

    This will be the next plane I build. Maybe within 6 months, crack yak fun in a bigger package, awesome:D
  5. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador


  6. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    I am pressing the control surfaces flat now. I let them sit stacked and flexed for 3 days or so, then the build fun will begin. I promise to throw up some pics and some of the steps along the way. Its going to be a great plane. It has airfoil wings, and its huge. I am pretty impressed at what I have seen so far.
  7. Oooooohhhhh....that would go nice with my crack yak lite!!
  8. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    [MENTION=3014]AKfreak[/MENTION] fyi I just put my pulse packs on the scale. They are actually 860 mah and weigh in at 76 grams befor I solder the connector on. I probably need to get one of these to you for cg.
  9. AKfreak

    AKfreak 150cc

    No biggie. We have a couple of days before I am ready.
  10. 3dNater

    3dNater 3DRCF Regional Ambassador

    Soldered connectors on last night. [MENTION=3014]AKfreak[/MENTION] you gonna sneak out to Bennet this am?

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