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New Trailer

Discussion in 'Field Gear, Camping Equipment, and Trailers' started by mndless, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    Just picked up a new trailer...

    These guys must have been down to the bottom of the stack on their interior plywood wall sheathing... not clean enough for me to be ok with leaving it as it.

    So, I am going to strip all of the plywood wall sheathing off and replace it with something.... might as well go ahead and do it right while I'm doing it...

    Anybody have any great suggestions for what to go back with ??? No... not going to put back all aluminum diamond plate..although that would be cool... ;)
  2. You could use white melamine...like MDF particleboard with a really slick, white coating on one side (cheap shelving for closets is made of this). It would be easy to clean/care for and be pretty durable. Alternatively, you. Old fill holes in what you have and paint it with an exterior grade paint and I think it would look pretty good...it'll be cheaper than replacing what you have. It's what I did in my trailer.

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  3. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    Wow... that is a lot of Core Trax !! You can strap down anything in there !! :)

    As far as the existing plywood... I don't like the finish, I don't like the joint locations, I don't like how they did the terminations... so, I think I'm going to strip it all out....

    That will give me an opportunity to do some additional wiring anyway, so, really not that big of a deal....

    I did some google searches on Melamine and found lots of stuff on thicker material... didn't find anything in the 3/8" range... is this stuff similar??? Wall Board
  4. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    The more I think about it... I think I'll give the paint a try. I can always strip it later if I hate it, it's worth a shot...
  5. Pbilt024

    Pbilt024 70cc twin V2

    I used white aluminum. it was around $80 per 4x10 sheet. Looks really nice and is easy to keep clean.


    15372=9141-photo 5.jpg[​IMG]

  6. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    That is pretty cool... do you remember the material thickness you used? any specifics on exactly what you ordered???
  7. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    Was messing with the trailer and just determined, the trailer manufacturer did not provide any rear door "hold backs"... that hardware you use to hold the doors open in the swung back position.... these are necessary. What complicates things is that I figured out why they didn't install them. The location of some of the rear lights prevents the bard doors from completely opening up... so, a strong gust of wind, the doors go flying open and bust the lights on the side of the trailer....

    So, have to come up with a different way of doing this.... would like something a little more imaginative that just using some rope tie offs... so, anybody have any good ideas on this ???
  8. mndless

    mndless Don't know a thing..

    Those would work if I could find some 10 to 12 in long stand off... part of the issue is the door cannot open all the way because a light is in the way on the rear sidewall of the trailer... I might just end up taking that light off.

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