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New Pilot for my Carden Pro 124

Discussion in 'IMAC>>>Aircraft, Techniques, Equipment, etc.' started by Pistolera, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Pistolera

    Pistolera HEY!..GET OUTTA MY TREE!

    @Snoopy1 .....here's my Grizzly. An older model but it gets the job done.
    received_10213305314861714.jpeg received_10213305315901740.jpeg
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  2. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Really sweet. I likey some G Force. Spendy but I sure like the ones I have.
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  4. 49dimes

    49dimes Damn I'm hungry

    Machined motor mount and baffling do look super :attaboy:. One :cool: set up there.
  5. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

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  6. Pistolera

    Pistolera HEY!..GET OUTTA MY TREE!

    Go for it. I've learned a lot using this thing. Have butchered up some stuff too :devil-dance:. Still don't know a 10th of what can be done, but have fun finding out.

    A little lathe is very handy for modeling as well. picked up a used jeweler's lathe years ago. Turned these canopy bolt bushings out of aluminum. Then thought what the heck, the ignition light needs something too!
  7. Snoopy1

    Snoopy1 640cc Uber Pimp

    That is one nice looks machine. As you stated that you have a rotary table for the machine could take a picture and the name and make and who you bought it from thanks.
  8. Pistolera

    Pistolera HEY!..GET OUTTA MY TREE!

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  9. Pistolera

    Pistolera HEY!..GET OUTTA MY TREE!

    The biggest PITA for me was installing pipes in an already built fuse that wasn't set up for pipes! RE3's with 14" headers are LOOOOOOONG!

    I opened up some of the fuse bottom for access....but between working thru that and reaching down through the fuse truss structure it was somewhat of a BIOTCH!!!

    Anywhoo....after carving away enough foam from the belly pan to get air-gap clearance around the pipe bottoms, I glassed it over for strength.

    The forward pipe mounts are the traditional style. Didn't have enough room to do that toward the rear, so worked up wrap-around spring mounts which are captured by CF rods and nest in ply blocks glued to the cross bracing. Hopefully this system works.....guess I'll see when the weather dries up around here. Inside the fuse I installed craft foam over the truss bracing to close off the tunnel.
    received_10213396555102663.jpeg received_10213412498541239.jpeg received_10213460082690813.jpeg received_10213460083370830.jpeg received_10213460085370880.jpeg
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  10. Pistolera

    Pistolera HEY!..GET OUTTA MY TREE!

    On the fuse bottom I closed off some of the area I had opened up with a removable panel. then turned down some aluminum tubing for exhaust tip extensions.
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