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I’m going out flying thread 2019

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale RC General Discussions' started by BalsaDust, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Few pics from Rolla.

    6AEE8C75-6346-4D84-BA5D-896F1C5653C4.jpeg 81B32338-F1C7-408D-9649-692924D89193.jpeg 2E0D7563-8D28-472D-B344-47404EE2ED5C.jpeg 0100FE8F-A38D-47A7-A765-57EDBB5511A8.jpeg 81F990EF-1130-429E-AE9E-897F43E65BC3.jpeg A1529FE3-C567-48FC-AC15-75D51E20F1BB.jpeg 3B341A83-1C70-44BC-8E70-EC02C940BDF0.jpeg 15F746D5-07E7-4F2A-8D66-A8342F784411.jpeg 03814959-A41A-4222-BA6B-2C8172DBF8C8.jpeg 2F42B690-B784-4E1B-B892-566E6C981B25.jpeg
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  2. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    That's some awesome fun there. Would have liked to be there. :brian-banana:
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  3. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Trying to get caught up from all the "Happenin's"..... You all have been busy. Very cool...

    Can't believe I am letting this out....but I slipped over to the dark side.... (just one plane) I had the chance to buy a brand new FMS 1800mm (65") Mustang a couple of months ago. It had already had the updated 360kv motor installed and since it was so dirt cheap, (280 bucks) and new never flown, I figured what the heck. Oh...did I mention it is a Mustang? Yes, I think I did mention it is a Mustang. LOL. Love this plane.... I have had it out a few times and it is amazing to discover that if you do it like the book says.... Any size Mustang will come in and set down like the full scale.

    I also bought one of the new H9 20cc Mustangs. I installed an RCGF 20cc gasser and man that thing flew great. Well, that was "UNTIL" I pulled a tight loop too close to the ground. Yeah, not a pretty ending. See fellas? I can do dumb things too. LOL. Fortunately everything came through in perfect shape. Except the airframe. DOAH! I loved the plane so what did I do? Bought a second and put my brand new RCGF 26cc gasser in it. Dang does that thing flat scoot. So what does a guy with two little Stangs do? Well he takes them both to the field for some much needed sorties and pushing the enemy back behind enemy lines. LOL.

    From last weekend..... great fun!

    20190914_113157.jpg 20190914_113206.jpg 20190914_113217.jpg 20190914_113229.jpg 20190914_113241.jpg 20190914_113256.jpg 20190914_113304.jpg 20190914_113325.jpg 20190914_113419.jpg 20190914_113425.jpg 20190914_113447.jpg 20190914_113504.jpg 20190914_113515.jpg 20190914_113559.jpg 20190914_113610.jpg 20190914_113632.jpg 20190914_113642.jpg
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  4. Way too cool. Glad you gave one of the fomies try. They are soo much cheap fun. The Hangar 9 is awesome too.
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  5. Day and night. :way_to_go:
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  6. Yes it was an awesome event. We had lots of great raffle items. 105” AJ Laser, DA 120, 14 channel JR radio, Aura 8, Holy Smokes smoke pump, Fortitude R/C fuel tanks, JTA Gamebird and JTA Yak from Jace the Ace, Jersey Modeler fuel can and smoke can, MKS servos. And Aero Cumulus supplied free smoke oil all weekend long for the pilots to burn up. Yes it was a great 3 days!
  7. acerc

    acerc 640cc Uber Pimp

    Well, I have not flown yet but I am here and ready to burn some fuel in the morning... lol. If it is any indication as to how much I fly when here, I brought fifteen gallons of petrol!!!

    Attached Files:

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  8. AKNick

    AKNick 150cc

    More like two days worth of flying... but still!!
    5E2FD2A0-F33D-49E1-90DC-026D95395D85.jpeg 6893C5F7-FB25-4563-90C8-E439A67A83F2.jpeg EE7663A8-4075-4594-8881-CF0DD75DDD4A.jpeg 099CD9B2-DC46-4847-A4BF-8AAB29D4C809.jpeg 1B16CEB8-1508-472C-9550-C71CF49DB584.jpeg

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