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Hempel 38% Decathlon

Discussion in 'Giant / Scale ARF Build Threads' started by Len, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Typically between around 45lbs +- if I remember right. We don't weight planes much, I think we just don't want to know, lol
  2. jymster

    jymster New to GSN!

    Hi Len, we are currently setting up a Hempel 38% Decathlon and we have chosen the DA150 for power. I wonder if you could please tell me what size canisters and headers you have used?


  3. dhal22

    dhal22 GSN Sponsor Tier 1

    This thread went dormant over 2 years ago...........
  4. jymster

    jymster New to GSN!

    Thanks dhal22, though I had hoped someone would still receive notification that a message had been posted, which it looks like you have. I presume Len would also get notification?
  5. According to Len's profile, he hasn't been on GSN since August of 2015. You could try and send him a PM.
  6. jymster

    jymster New to GSN!

    Ok, thanks. Will do.
  7. Gianni

    Gianni New to GSN!

  8. Gianni

    Gianni New to GSN!

    Hi everybody, hi Len
    I just regisered in , from Italy. I just happened to read about cannister tunnel length,so I thought i'd write something regarding my BH 38% Super Decathlon. I did the same mod a you did for my DA150 with KS cans and home made headers, I will post some pics maybe tomorrow, the other thing I am about to get done is the landing gear mod, A friend of mine has a machine shop and is about to mill down and cut from a piece of 6082 T6 aluminum a new gear that as you said , the supplied is very weak, I was just wondering how did yours work out? Isn't too rigid , I mean so wide and appears to be thicker also.
    I designed mine to be only 5mm wider and 6.6 mm thick ...do you think it won't make much difference.
    I will appreciate any advice... I got 7 inch wheels also so it will look awesome.
    thank you all, hope to read something about this or anything about this plane which is something special , (I've already told Bill about this)

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