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Discussion in 'Field Gear, Camping Equipment, and Trailers' started by garlandk, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. jamesrxx951

    jamesrxx951 100cc

    I've been using this for 4 years now. Pretty sure it's been 4 years. Perfect for fans, chargers, light duty stuff. I do use redline 40:1 oil I it because it is Chinese. I have a Honda 2000 and use this harbor freight generator all the time. I know a few people that have them and love them. Pretty quiet also. I put it on the other side of my vehicle from where we all congregate and can barely hear it when no one is flying.
  2. Honda makes a 1000 watt unit that weighs 37 lb.
    The Yamaha 2000 watt unit is 44 lb according to their site, so the honda little one isn't much lighter. Nor is the harbor freight one that was posted, it's also 37lb.

    But... Yamaha makes a 1000 watt unit too, and it's only 27 lb. Might be just what you are looking for:
    not quite 10lb, but probably as close as you are going to get.
  3. Alky6

    Alky6 150cc

    You need one of these! A Tiny Tiger. Weighs next to nothing, two-stroke (so you've got fuel available). Maybe a little light on power (300 watts +-) though.... :dancing-chicken:

  4. Stinger

    Stinger 30cc

    Thanks for the input. The Yamaha or Honda 1000 sounds like the answer. The Tiny Tiger is Cool but I need a little more power and a four stroke motor.
  5. I have a Champion 1800W. 53db at 25'. Peaks at 2kW. It is about 10# heavier than the Yami.

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