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Flying with a Jeti Radio shout out

Discussion in 'Jeti: Radios and Telemetry Systems' started by GSNadmin, May 14, 2017.

  1. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Yep that what I feel about that to, I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow at nall
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  2. I wish I would have bought a Spektrum 10T when I had the chance.
  3. Your one luckie guy to be getting an new DS24 at Nall today ,,
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  4. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    The tray version is available

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  5. GSNadmin

    GSNadmin Staff Member

    Well ZB would not sell me one they had at Joe Nall, but the guys at Chelf Aircraft drop shipped me one!
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  6. camss69

    camss69 70cc twin V2

    I'm thinking I'm going to go this route. Been on the fence now for about a year. I really started looking at the Futaba 18SZ, but the receiver selection is pretty dismal. Then comparing the capabilities to the DS-16.... I'm back to looking at Jeti. They have a test-drive program on the espirit models website.. I was thinking about doing it only because I would like to check out the radio before I buy since it's so expensive..
  7. I picked up a slightly used DS-14, and am looking forward to trying it out shortly
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  8. I have found a the Jeti software to be far easier to set up than any other system I've used...and the telemetry is awesome. Blows the telemetry from my previous JR system out of the water. I love my Jeti and would never go back.
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