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Flying with a Jeti Radio shout out


DS-14 with added switches and most of the modules. I absolutely love the radio! I have had it for a little over a year and still finding new things that I can do with it. The latest thing was adding a 3 way momentary switch so I can use the transmitter to tell me what maneuver is next in my IMAC sequence. Works out great when learning a new sequence and nobody is around to call for you.

Rusty 73

DS-16 using it with Rx9 in my 30% Extra 3DHS and in my 35% Extra PAU with a CB200 power distribution with two RE3 receivers and using the magnetic switch . Had it for three years and now i'm just getting time to really enjoy the complexity and intuitive system . Love the radio , the smooth feel or the sticks and high quality switches and solid alunium case.:):too-cool: .Like trummna I'm using it to fly iMac sequences , love all the telemetry that is avaiable ..:mario-banana:


GSN Contributor
I use the DS-16. Have replaced 2 back switches with lockable switches for wireless plane switch on and Ignition/Arming Switch. Telemetry is awesome. Makes electric flying stress free with the capacity called out every 30 seconds!

Gonna have to learn how to do that Sequence Calling!
Been flying a DS16 for about 3 years now, love it. Love the solid feel and build quality and the programing flexibility is second to none. I'd love to get a new DS24 once it's released but I don't really need it as my DS16 can do virtually anything..

Rusty 73

Esprit model just got a couple of DS 24 they are showing it Nail triple tree event and the off to get government approval so they can bring in the rest of them .
I agree my DS16 does everything would like the color screen and they have place a few switches on the backside were your hands are on the 24 .
Check out espirt site , that email notice of this new DS24 , going to wait until our dollar gets up alot higher .


Flying a DC-24 since the first of the year. Swapped a couple locking switches in on model power and ignition. The telemetry and the ease of programming are both stunning! Worlds better than anything I have used before (over from JR). Also, the 2.4Ghz with 900 MHz backup frequency is an awesome insurance policy now that the 900 receivers are available! Could not be happier.

Simplest radio setups I have ever experienced and the most comfortable radio I've ever used.


I want the tray version anyone have that one?

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My radio is a DC-24...a tray version. So much more finesse on the sticks because you are not supporting the radio with your hands...instead they rest on the radio and give you much finer control.