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Scale Bud Nosen 1/4 Scale Cub?

Finally got the stab glued on last night. Got buisy on the fin and rudder. I added some extra material for the hinges, and got the hard point installed on the fin, for the tail brace wires. Still thinking about how I want to go about the fillet on the sides of the fin. Also got the rudder drill jig made, but still have to use it.


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Got the fin in place and made a fillet for the transition area. Spent quite a bit of time getting the side fillets for the fin made but I think I'm ok with how they turned out. Got them glued in place, then worked on the hinging bevles.


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Got a little strut work done. Added some extra backing wood for the mounting areas. The right side is about done. Still have more to do on the left side.


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