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91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread


640cc Uber Pimp
Got three more flights in today before work with the new ignition module, opened cowl and tunnel.


My engine ran great just like the old ignition. I went to lean the LSN as suggested and noticed my needle moves with very little effort. Hmmm. So I tweaked it a bit. Didn’t sound a whole lot different, did three minor adjustments and noticed my transition was starting to get that little baby hesitation again so I richened it a tad. I also richened the HSN a tiny bit. Using Terry’s Engine Tuning guide I would say it’s running correctly.
In flight just under half throttle and above the temps climb again. Hovers around 275F but rip roaring around it after a couple laps temps are shooting to 300 and well above if I let it.... the only thing I want to try now is an air dump for the cabin somewhere. As when I open the canopy there is a lot of heat inside. #2 likes to run hot.

082E3538-FEDD-4433-959A-84C5BAEC98D5.jpeg 1CA54690-CF34-417A-86D8-A820E3EEF5AE.jpeg

Oh and it froze last night fellas....


640cc Uber Pimp
Thanks guys!! Any feedback on the videos I make is appreciated. Takes a while to thin it down and transition it... especially with music. Hard to find decent beats that are copyright/royalty free. It’s fun to put these videos together. I was thinking about making videos on tips and tricks as an additional endeavor.

John Allen

New to GSN!
91" SkyWing ARS 300 Assembly Thread
SkyWing's Website Link:
Purchased from SupaTim @ NorthWestRC: HERE

Wingspan 91"
Fuselage 91"
Flying Weight 17.5-18.5lbs

Lots of wicked cool features on this plane that excite me! Here is a list:

Magnetic Pins for the Elevators, Canopy, and Wings. NO MORE SCREWS!!
Round Fuel Tank with a neat depron foam holder for it, unique and innovative!
Pre-Hinged AND gap sealed Ailerons and Elevators!
Carbon/Painted Spinner!
Servo Extensions Included and Pre-Run!! There are also multiple rubber grommets throughout.
Wheel Axels that are machined on a lathe with steps.... very neat!
Includes scrap covering for repairs!
Fuel Dot, and Fuel Vent Dot
Quality Hardware to include ball links, CF horns, Turnbuckles, Motor baffles for Electric, Fuel Line, ect.

My Setup:

Falcon 25X9 CF
Savox SB-2290SG (x5)
Savox SC-1267SG (x1)
TechAero IBEC
Pulse 2250 2S (x2)
Booma Magnetic Switch
NWRC 1.5" Arms (x3) Ailerons + Rudder (push-pull)
NWRC 2" Arms (x2) Elevators
Futaba R7008SB (x2) w/Futaba 18SZ

Going to be a quick build by the looks of it, stay tuned!!

did you do a split plane or use a powerbox type solution?


640cc Uber Pimp
did you do a split plane or use a powerbox type solution?

Used Two R7008SB receivers, BoomaRC Multi Switch with two Pulse 2550 2S, direct input with no regulator or other interface. I did split the plane but looking back I don't see the need to or that it would ever help if one lost connection. If someone doesn't want the extra antennas just go with a single R7014SB. Keep it simple, light, and program a failsafe. :) I like the powerbox/smartfly approach, but don't believe it's necessary personally.