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91 Corvus and Compy MX2.

Discussion in 'R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces) Ol' Plank.' started by Bunky.F.Knuckle, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Maiden day of my Corvus 91". Not 90 seconds into the maiden, throw it into a crankshaft, it recovered, and went nose down..... No control, nothing...... In troubleshooting things, we found that everyrhing works when bypassing the Rx switch. Plugged the battery back into the switch, nothing. KAPUT! Ok. Vendor error, no sweat, I can live with that. Get out my trusty ole gaithful, Compy MX2. Got plenty of fuel onboard, since last flight last year resulted in breaking a pull pull cable. Fix the cable, no big deal. Flying along, cool day in BG, KY. Motor is honking good and hard! Set up for a nice low harrier. 3' off the deck, engine burps and dies. Skrunch!!! Fuse breaks in half right behind the canopy, wrecks my cool.Mejzlik spinner, bent the backplate all to hell.

    Got a fuse and all associated parts from Tony at Red Aero.. Fixed what was wrong elsewhere. Flew the jeepers out of it for 2 more months and decided that I wanted the 108" Corvus more.

    Still waiting on winter to fix my MX2.

  2. SleepyC

    SleepyC 150cc

    I hate those kind of days...

    I had one that cost me around $3000 in gear and a $2500 job and it was just because I put a MRC-6 200 amp battery plug on the cables (that were soldiered correctly) backwards at 3am because I am a moron. Went to a shoot, 20K people, bands a playing, I pre flight everything , go to plug in the battery into the rigs harness, the "sleeves match and allow the metal parts that do not match to touch for 1 second. BBBbzzzzzzaaaaat... $2800 ZeroUAV Gemini duel redundant flight controller fried, 600W VTX fried, Futaba SBus REC fried... Lost of shoot $2500 + a gazillion in equipment...

    Worst .5 seconds of my life...

    Never wire electronics at 3am... just saying.
  3. Yaaaaaa. I can believe that.

  4. Ouch. Man I can feel your pain

  5. stangflyer

    stangflyer I like 'em "BIG"!

    Yikeies.... Chris, sorry man. Some days it just don't pay to get up huh? Like the way you bounce back and take it all in stride. Kudo's dude.

  6. This was in Feb this year. Then 2 weeks later, the SC issue happened.....

    Like my buddy @HawkeyeDave told me.......... "You showed me alot about your character this weekend". I told him afterwards, I about took that 357 off my hip and cracked 6 rounds off at that MX2! I was pissed off beyond words.
  7. nebwake

    nebwake 70cc twin V2

    Man both of those make me feel pretty good about my bad run of luck this spring. Sleepy, I am not sure I woudl have handled losing $3K in equipment very well to a battery! I did that to a little 48" electric and fried the ESC and RX (about $100) and was beyond pissed. This year has been a little rough on the fleet, I put in a 35%er because of engine failure, a 60" electric because of a servo lock up and then my big 40% pilot extra because i forgot to fuel in between flights! Of course it was in a sweet hover that resulted in the lowest tail slide you have ever seen! I was pretty cool about the first couple, but the 40%er stung a bit. If there wasn't a demo flight in front of a bunch of non-flyers, I likely would have pulled the 1911 out and followed bunky's idea! After its all said and done, I am still waiting on a fuse from chief, I havent even thought about fixing the 35% slick and I hardly have flown gas planes since :( This fall I should have the fleet up and running though.
  8. My thing was to have all 5 of my GS airplanes ready to rock at any given moment! That come back to bite me in the ass, big time..... Guess there is always next year!
  9. SnowDog

    SnowDog Moderator

    wow really sorry to hear about all these stories...hearing Bunky's again makes it hurt just as bad as the first time.

    I had an "out of gas" incident in a hover, but fortunately it was up high enough that I was able to let the nose fall, get a little airspeed and flair to a good landing.

    I consider myself really lucky on that one.
  10. nebwake

    nebwake 70cc twin V2

    Yea, I was in just the absolute wrong spot. Too high for a low hover crash, and too low to speed up and save the plane. Broke the tail off, and since it came in upside down with the prop at the 12, it snapped the motorbox too....

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